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A Cheat's Guide to Using the FG1000
* Active Flight Plan (press FPL when there is an active flightplan to display)
* DirectTo GPS (press DTO)
* Transponder (press XPDR)
* To view airport information, select the WPT - AIRPORT INFORMATION page. Use the outer FMS knob to move between the AIRPORT, RUNWAYS and FREQUENCY boxes, and the inner FMS to edit the airport ID, scroll through available runways, or highlight a frequency.
* To edit the current flightplan, press the FPL page, then press the CRSR and enter waypoints for DTO above.
To improve useability, the FG1000 also supports multikey. If installed on the aircraft (aircraft developers need to include Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/fg1000-multikey.xml), ":GF" can be used to enter a string for the PFD, and ":GM" for the MFD. This is massively easier than trying to enter data manually using the FMS knobs.
== Aircraft Installation ==

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