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Current Status
* PFD is largely complete. NRST, ALT units and alternative units still to implement.
* MFD is functional, and now includes display and editing of the current flightplan, along with moving map, engine information.
* MFD and PFD can be displayed as a GUI window under Debug menu or added to an aircraft with the GDU-1045 model as part of a 3D cockpit. * A reference implementation is available for the Cessna 182T
There's still a number of pages to write, and the more complex pages around route planning will likely be particularly challenging, but it should be far faster now these blocks are in place. . If anyone is interested in creating a specific page, please also get in touch with Stuart. The various ''Nearest... and ...Information'' pages should be quite easy to do based on the pages that have been written already. See the Design Notes for details.

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