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FlightGear Newsletter October 2018

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Some news, Still missing IDG A320 panel and some mailing list stuff
=== Updated aircraft ===
*Improvements to the aerodynamics of the custom [ Bombardier Q400] by it0uchpods
*The pushback system of the [ 787-9] has been fixed. Anti-ice switch bug and autopilot updates will be next.
====Mirage 2000-5====
Thanks to the work Necolatis did on the f16, the generic weapons systems is now on the mirage 2000 and this allows more realistic weapons. And Harball made 3D models for real french loads as Exocet, AS30L, or AS37 martel. He also improves the MICA missiles (EM and IR). And FLIR is now available. With the "PDLCT" and following the process, we can snipe a ground target and fire GPS/laser guided stuff on it. (Thanks onox for the stabiliazation!)
Thanks to Itouchpods, we have a new FBW on the aircraft. This is like a +300% improves than what I did with the sas before. FBW tunning is a science. He also tuned the autopilot and we reworked the terrain following AP, and this is awesome: We can fly, in AP at 600 kts at 300 feet above ground. Necolatis made a wonderful video on that:
There is some improves on rain on cockpit (thanks Hardball), ALS fog, ice and mirror (Thanks Vic65) and few things in cockpit. Rudolf worked on the tacan on the right console.
The Ejection seat, done by Necolatis on the F16 and Viggen is now on the mirage as well (Ctrl-e 3 times, as F6 is actually taken by the FLIR)
And they implemented More stuff (radar update : radiating target will show up only when anti radiation missile are selected), the bugs found by vanosten have been corrected, you can now choose to follow real or mag heading etc. You can follow their development at [ the Forums].
[[File:F-16.png|thumb|F-16 in dusk]]
The F-16 got an upgrade:
* Now has stores and 50+ liveries.
* Lots of other fixes and improvements.
==== Pipistrel Panthera ====[[File:F-16Pipistrel_Panthera.png|thumb|F-16 in duskPipistrel Panthera by Hardba11]][[File:Pipistrel_Panthera_Cockpit.png|thumb|Pipistrel Panthera as of early October]]User Hardba11 (Nico) is working on a [[Pipistrel Panthera]]. Alhough this aircraft is just a few months old (first release in June) it already looks quite advanced and is great to fly. This month, two new versions have been released. * choice of 2 fdm : yasim and jsbsim* instruments improvments* clickable gear, flaps* clickable inhg button on altimeter* an animated slip skid ball on the attitude indicator* the attitude indicator made in nasal+canvas (as the real one is a lcd screen)<!* the screen of glass cockpit by D-- === Liveries === -->ECHO * a lightweight glass cockpit* improve lightweight left glass cockpit : added horizontal situation indicator* added lightweight right screen with engine gauges (canva+nasal)* added rudder and stick* improved cockpit textures* added missing switches* clickables some buttons, switches and levers* instruments light and floodlight{{See also|Pipistrel Panthera}}
<!====Hughes MD-500E====The FGUK teym released version 2.0 of their Hughes MD- 500E.Next to a complete rework of the exterior they animated the front doors, updated rotor particle effect and livery specific levels of fuselage reflection. At the panel (which is now vibrating in flight) has all instruments working and allows radio navigation. They added ALS Glass effects, cockpit shadow and animated sticks, pedals and collective. The reworked FDM includes an emergency floating system. Now there is the full manual start up possible. You can download their helicopter at [].=== Aircraft reviews =Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel== ==FGUK released Version 2.5 of the Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel. They made some minor FDM tweaks mostly affecting tail authority and added an optional emergency Floatation system. A number of path and case issues that were affecting non windows versions got fixed. On the main switch panel are all indicator lights working on active switches. There are livery specific fuselage reflection effects and a FLIR view is available on FLIR equipped payloads. Download the Eurocopter at [>star].
====IDG MD-11X====
*New variants[[File:IDG-MD-11X.jpg|thumb]]
*flaps/slats connected to hydraulics
*AFS was overreacting, should be much more reliable now
*reworked LSAS and RCWS systems
*fixed the autoland system to lower nose gear gently
*ALS lights by legoboyvdlp
{{See also|IDG-MD-11X}}
====MiG-21 development by PINTO====
Currently live on master: [[File:Mig-21 splash.png|thumb|MiG-21]]
* The FDM has been greatly improved.
* The engine now surges with overspeed or over AoA, or with incorrect cone position (cone systems at 50% complete).
* Integrated ground controlled intercept over AI using OPRF assets.
* Smoke and contrails are prettier.
* The ARU (pitch limiter) is based on real values.
* Autostart is now available
* Multiple bug fixes
Coming soon (live on the dev branch):
* Weapon systems are nearing completion
* Pylon heating, addition of 12 new functional switches related to weapons
* Working IFF systems, IFF channel selector
* It is possible to jettison all stores, as well as perform a missile emergency release
* Checklists (HUGE thanks to Kokos for this)
* Drag due to stores
* Randomized startup states for several gauges and instruments, including fuel and INS
* Multiple bug fixes
* Reworked radar screen 3D
* Launcher rails based on selected payloads
* Chaff/Flare launcher 3D (and prep for the JATO units)
* Tutorial videos for the weapons systems
In addition, there are 5 new liveries thanks to Spectre
Find out more at [ the forums].
====737-800 Development====
There have been many improvements to the [ 727-800 by Gabriel Hernandez]
* Add warning and vspeed systems, improve landing gear handle, and animate fuel switches on overhead panel
*Transition to listeners
*Engine fire simulation, along with simulation of engine fire handles
*Optimize engine fire code with listeners
*Remove accidental file
*Recall: warning not recalled if condition no longer exists
*Seperate A/T servo for right throttle
*Added autopush v1.0-rc
*New liveries
*New hydraulics system
*Improved fuel system, and other small things.
<!-- === Liveries === -->
== AI ==
<!--Looking at "In the hangar" or "Scenery corner" we really need a slogan for "AI"-->
<!-- === AI aircraft === -->
The AI team makes FlightGear more realistic, colorful and lively every month. This month they updated UPS Traffic and Fleet as well as Cargolux. You can support the important development of ''Interactive Traffic'' and contribute at the FlightGear [ AI forums].
== Scenery corner ==
== Community news ==
<!-- === Scripting in FlightGear on YouTube === --><!-- embed video as {{#ev====The advantage of using Nasal====[[File:youtubeNasallogo4.png|VCc6PwRI1LA}}-->right]]Did you ever wonder why FlightGear has Nasal imlemented? There are many modern scripting languages out there, like Phyton or Javascript. And looking at performance c++ may be the best choice. So why we invented our own language? Hooray posted a great answer to the forum, bringing up performance, usability and historical reasons. Take a few minutes and read his [ post] to the FlightGear Forums.
===The Amazing FlightGear xml code===
User sim compared FlightGears joystick xml code to other simulators:
{{cquote|The ability to write your own xml codes for your joystick in Flightgear really is streets ahead of other flight simulators and repays your effort tenfold when you take to the skies!} Read the [ full post] at the FlightGear Forums
=== FlightGear on YouTube ===
<!-- embed video as {{#ev:youtube|VCc6PwRI1LA}}-->
'''What intel graphics can archive''' - A flight without graphics card
'''2 Lynx and a Wildcat went on a trip from France to Belgium and were joined by a Tiger'''
'''OSM2city is AWESOME!'''
<!-- === Forum news === -->
== Multiplayer events ==
<!-- === Upcoming events === ====World's Challenging Approaches====User V12 has planned "World's Challenging Approaches -10. This time the event takes place at LPMA "Madeira ->Runway on the poles" (Santa Cruz, Portugal) Take off is on Saturday, '''November, 17th.''' 2018, '''1600Z''' at LXGB (Gibraltar) with Airliners similar to B737, A320 or Concorde. Wikipedia wrote {{cquote|The airport was once infamous for its short runway which, surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots. (...) In 2000, the runway was extended to 2,781 m (9,124 ft). As landfill was not a realistic option, the extension was built on a platform, partly over the ocean, supported by 180 columns, each about 70 m (230 ft) tall.} Visit [ the forums] to learn more about the Event.
<!-- === Finished events === -->
<!-- == FlightGear events == --><!-- For example presence ===FSWeekend===[[File:FSweekend 2017 banner.jpg|thumb|FSweekend 2018]]Each year, a number of FlightGear people get together to display FlightGear at FSWeekend [ FSWeekend] at the Aviodrome [ Aviodrome] in The Netherlands.This year [[FSweekend 2018]] takes place on 3 and 4 November and we will be demonstrating a number of different exhibits:* James will be bringing his 737 cockpit, which includes a pilot side panel and central console.* Isaac and Stuart are building a Lockheed Super Constellation cockpit with 8 screens and a projector. We've created a simple scenario where visitors will be able to land the Connie at Lelystad airport, where Aviodrome is located. Our booth will be located underneath the Aviodrom's own Super Constellation, so visitors can relate directly to what they are doing!* Michael will be demonstrating ATC-->pie, and we will run a couple of longer demonstrations with both the 737 and Connie under ATC control.*Finally, Durk may be doing some talks about FlightGear within a 747!
<!-- == Hardware reviews == -->
== Contributing ==

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