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*'''Davtron clock''' now shows the time and temperatures and also features a stopwach. The Flight timer ("FT") is reset by pressing the control-button longer than 3 secs; the elapsed-time ("ET") is started by the first press, stopped by the second and reset by the third. To cycle temperatures or battery voltage, press the red knob (voltage is signified by "E" after the value).
*'''Checklists''' allow you to follow trough the POH operations.
*New '''fuel system''' simulates not only the selection of the tank, but also crossfeed in unbalanced flights.*'''Priming''' is simulated realistically if you enable "complex engine procedures". For a successfull engine start, follow the checklist. In colder weather, let the fuel flow a little longer, about 1-2 secs. If it is too cold, use the '''preheater''' (-> Ground Equipment) to preheat the engine.<br/>If the engine is "warm", you can omit priming altogether
* Also be sure in your preflight check to remove '''water contamination''' not only in the wing tanks, but also the fuel strainer (right front) and fuel selector (below aircraft)
* '''In Winter''', you can apply the '''winterization kit''' to keep the oil sufficient warm. When the oil is too cold, the engine will cough and not develop full power.

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