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Talk:Cessna 182S

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*'''Checklists''' allow you to follow trough the POH operations.
*New '''fuel system''' simulates not only the selection of the tank, but also crossfeed in unbalanced flights.
*'''Priming''' is simulated realistically if you enable "complex engine procedures". For a successfull engine start, follow the checklist. In colder weather, let the fuel flow a little longer, about 1-2 secs. If it is too cold, use the '''preheater''' (-> Ground Equipment) to preheat the engine.<br/>If the engine is "warm"(~75°F), you can omit priming altogether(as long as the remaining fuel in the manifold did not disperse; if it is dry, such like before the first start, inject some small fuel ammount by priming procedure).
* Also be sure in your preflight check to remove '''water contamination''' not only in the wing tanks, but also the fuel strainer (right front) and fuel selector (below aircraft)
* '''In Winter''', you can apply the '''winterization kit''' to keep the oil sufficient warm. When the oil is too cold, the engine will cough and not develop full power.

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