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AI Systems

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Types of AI Objects
* They can move according to an internal [[Flight Dynamics Model|FDM]] (flight dynamics model).
Details regarding each object (e.g. available properties) can be found in the source files in <code>{{repo link | site = sf| repo = flightgear/| path = src/AIModel/</code> | pre = $FLIGHTGEAR_SRC}}. e.g. <code>AIStorm.hxx</code> (alternatively at https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/flightgear/ci/next/tree/src/AIModel/). Common properties are in <code>AIBase</code>. Look for section <code>private:</code> in the file to find the properties and related comments (e. E.g. to get additional information like the units to be used:<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">double diameter; // diameter of turbulence zone, in nm</syntaxhighlight>) to get additional information like the units to be used. Even though you might not be familiar with programming, the information is readable (and more up to date than the information e.g. on this page).
=== Selecting Scenarios ===

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