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AI Systems

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** <code>--prop:/sim/ai-traffic/enabled=[1|0]</code>
To enable/disable the AIModels system, use <code>--prop:/sim/ai/enabled=[1|0]</code>
== ATC/AI ==
{{Note|The ATC/AI system was removed with FlightGear 2.2.0. It was replaced by a new module: [[Interactive Traffic]].}}
The [[Air traffic control|Air Traffic Control]] system simulates interaction between the user and a number of AI controlled cessna and piper aircraft. This system can be controlled using the GUI from within FlightGear. The ATC/AI system is no longer maintained and marked for deprecation. Recent reports have indicated that the ATC/AI system may be causing numerical computation problems in some cases, resulting in a flurry of NaN warning messages on the FlightGear console. If you experience this, you might consider shutting down the ATC/AI system
For airports with a tower frequency, if that frequency is tuned in to your radio, you may contact ATC.
To obtain the tower frequencies for an airport within range of ATC, go to the ATC/AI menu, choose Frequencies to display the dialog. If there are any airports within 40nm range, a button with the airport designation will appear. Click see the frequencies. Tune the tower frequency in on the COM1 radio and then hit the single quote key to open the ATC window.
* Untowered airports are not supported in any way by ATC.
* You must be within 40 nautical miles of an ATC facility (towered airport with tower frequencies) to contact ATC.
== AI Models ==

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