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{{for|the older [[FGAddon]] aicraft|Airbus A320 Family}}
The Airbus A320Family by {{usr|it0uchpods}} IDG A32X is an accurate, and complex recreation of the Airbus A320. At this time, it is still in development (Pre V1.0), and is not complete yet, but this will all be corrected! The goal is to have a complex MCDU and FMGC by V1.0[[Immersive Design Group]].
== General Information IDG A32X Overview ==Good Virtual Cockpit, with AP panel, Overhead, and Pedestal.Good 3D Model, and '''many''' liveries.Active development by the it0uchpods Design Group!
* A318-112 (with Steep Approach)
* A319-112 (CFM)
* A319-131 (IAE)
* A320-111 (Original A320)
* A320-214 (CFM)
* A320-232 (IAE)
* A320-251N (A320neo with CFM LEAP-1A)* A320-271N (A320neo with PW1100G)* A321-211 (CFM)* A321-231 (IAE)* A321-251N (A321neo with CFM LEAP-1A)* A321-271N (A321neo with PW1100GPW)
Planned Models:
* A318-112 (with and without Steep Approach)
* A318-122 (PW 6000)
* A319neo A319-112 (CFM Leap and )* A319-131 (IAE)* A319-151N (A319neo CFM)* A319-171N (A319neo PW PurePower)
* A321-112 (CFM)
* A321-211 (CFM)
* A321-131 (IAE)
* A321-231 (IAE)
* A321-251N (A321neo CFM)
* A321-271N (A321neo PW)
* A321neoLR (CFM and PW)
See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. <u>Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "A320FamilyIDG-A32X"</u>. == In Progress/Completed ==This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.* V1.0 Progress: {{progressbar|80}}* Virtual Cockpit* Electric System* Pneumatic System* Hydraulic System* Fuel System* Icing System* EIS1 Instruments* EIS2 Instruments* Custom Airbus FADEC/ATHR* Custom Airbus Autopilot* Custom Airbus Engine system* Custom Airbus Fly By Wire System* Fully Custom EPR Calculation* ADIRS System* Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)* CFM56 Engines* IAE V2500 Engines* CFM LEAP Engines* PW PurePower Engines* Sharklets* MCDU* FMGC* Managed Speed/Climb* Canvas Displays (Except PFD/MCDU) == To Do ==This list contains items that still need to be done.* System Depth Improvements* FDM Tuning (as always)* Autoflight/FBW improvements (as always)* More MCDU Pages
== The Team ==
Brought to you by* FDM:* Joshua Davidson (it0uchpodsOctal450)* Jonathan Systems: Joshua Davidson (Octal450), Jonanthan Redpath (legoboyvdlp)* Charlie Schwehm Cockpit: Thorsten Herrmann (WecsjeTH-555Including repaints by:* Brandon Amaro , Joshua Davidson (omega13aOctal450)* Suleman Siddiqui , Jonanthan Redpath (pakistan-1legoboyvdlp)* Enrico Castaldi Instruments: Joshua Davidson (SpectreOctal450)* Sven Seipp , Jonanthan Redpath (D-SVENlegoboyvdlp)* Various Others
== Livery Packs ==
The following livery packs are avilable:<br>'''Frontier Livery Pack A318:'''<br>Contains many Frontier Airlines liveries for the A318 CFM made by omega13a<br>6/24/2017 0026Z: [ Download] '''Frontier Livery Pack A319:'''<br>Contains many Frontier Airlines liveries for the A319 CFM made by omega13a<br>5/26/2017 0157Z: [ Download] '''Frontier Livery Pack A320:'''<br>Contains many Frontier Airlines liveries for the A320 CFM made by omega13a<br>6/04/2017 0120Z: [ Download]None
== Credits ==
Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this project!
* Necolatis: Nasal Help, Canvas Help, MFD System
* pinto: Nasal Help, JSBsim Help
* Necolatis: Canvas Help* Martien van der Plas: Much 3D modellingModelling* CaptB: Much 3D Modelling
* JWocky: JSBsim Help
* Richard Harrison: Canvas Help, JSBsim Help
* D-ECHO: Some 3D Modeling
* skyop: Some 3D Models
| {{key press|3}}
| Show Overhead View
| {{key press|4}}
| Show Forward Pedestal View
| {{key press|5}}
| Show Aft Pedestal View
| {{key press|6}}
| Show FCU Panel View
| {{key press|F1}}
| {{key press|F2}}
| Engage/Increase Reverse Thrust
| {{key press|DEL}}
| Toggle Thrust Reversers
| {{key press|E}}
| Set Idle Thrust
| {{key press|DELF}}| Toggle Set TOGA Thrust Reversers
| {{key press|CTRL|B}}
| {{key press|Shift|B}}
| Toggle Parking Brake
| {{key press|CTRL|D}}
| Disconnect Autothrottle
| {{key press|Shift|D}}
| Disconnect Autopilot
| {{key press|CTRL|F}}
| Set MCT/FLX Thrust
| {{key press|Shift|F}}
| Set CL Thrust

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