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FlightGear Newsletter June 2017

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In the hangar
== In the hangar ==
[[File:Vinson HD-005.png|thumb|right|mhab's Vinson work]]
[[File:Vinson HD-008.png|thumb|right|Vinson deck view]]
[[File:Truman F14 Elevator-013.png|thumb|right|Truman Elevator]]
{{usr|Karla}} has donated months ago a entire 13MB Blender model file of the Nimitz supercarrier, and 64MB of associated Gimp .xcf files to FlightGear community.
Since then, there are several users integrating Karla's model to the format used in FlightGear. Also adapting those files to different existent carrier models in FlightGear.
The original post by Karla is available in this link.
While mhab repository is here:
== Scenery corner ==

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