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Add-ons and customization
There are programs that are either integrated into FlightGear (dependencies) or perform a function with it. Some of these are included in the release of FlightGear for a specific platform but made by the project, while others are independently distributed but are hosted by the FlightGear project.
One major additional software is the actual interface for launching an executable of FlightGear. For most of its early life FlightGear was only run through [[command line ]] interfaces. However, the FlightGear Launch Control has been included with the ''[[FG launcher]]'' front-end since 0.9.3 in 2003. ''[[KFreeFlight]]'' is a launcher/front-end for KDE. ''FGTools'' is an alternative windows launcher front-end. ''FGKicker'' is a GTK+ based front-end.
Other significant programs include editors and projects for Terrain Data. ''[[Atlas]]'' is a chart/map support for FlightGear; ''[[Kelpie Flight Planner]]'' is a Java based flight planner for FlightGear. ''[[FlightGear Scenery Designer]]'' is a FlightGear scenery editor for working with terrain data. The ''[[World Custom Scenery Project]]'' is a project coordinating custom scenery efforts. Finally, ''[[TaxiDraw]]'' is an editor for airport runways and taxiways.

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