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Canvas ND Framework

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Extending the framework should normally require very little in terms of coding - typically, people can simply take an existing feature/symbol, copy & paste the code section and customize it according to their needs (e.g. different SVG element id, different animations, different properties) - symbols can be easily changed by providing a separate SVG file, or by creating a new one via Inkscape.
Usually, it is a good idea to treat existing "styles" as a template for creating new ones, by copying those verbatim and renaming the corresponding files/items accordingly, to come up with a new (identical) style using a different name, customizing that as needed.
The main source is located at {{fgdata file|Nasal/canvas/map/navdisplay.mfd}}. Aircraft-specifics can be found in {{fgdata file|Nasal/canvas/map/navdisplay.styles}}.

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