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Canvas ND Framework

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The '''navigation display''' ('''ND''') is a display in a glass cockpit, providing information about an aircraft's lateral situation. As of late 2013, a new fully-scripted ND ([[Navigation display]] being the old) is in development for [[FlightGear]] using the new [[MapStructure]] back-end for charting purposes, and SVG symbols animated via Nasal functions for any non-mapping aspects (typically using listeners and timers).
Thanks to [[Canvas]], much more complex and sophisticated graphics are possible now, without having to know any C++, and without having to rebuild FlightGear from source. Anybody able to run FlightGear and a text editor, can now easily use and extend the ND framework, or add support for new types (styles) of NDs(think Citation, MD etc).
Extending the framework should normally require very little in terms of coding - typically, people can simply take an existing feature/symbol, copy & paste the code section and customize it according to their needs (e.g. different SVG element id, different animations, different properties) - symbols can be easily changed by providing a separate SVG file, or by creating a new one via Inkscape.

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