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Howto:Multi-channel lightmap

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Using Blender, it would be wise to work from a copy of your original blend file to use for the lightmap creation so as not to disturb the original.
Because of the nature of the lightmap effect and the way it is applied using shaders, it is required to have all the objects to be influenced by the same lightmap also mapped to the same texture. In most cases UV-texture mapping should not overlap, ie: don't map multiple objects to the same texture space. This will cause a problem when baking the lightmap by causing the bake to apply two different light conditions to the same texture space. Also, I have had issues where a panel or object on top of another will cause issues with the bake, you can get a shadow on an object that should be in full light. I don't know if this is an "order of operation" bug in Blender or if it was due to incorrectly unwrapping the objects texture map. 
Tip: Other blends that use a different coordinate space must be converted to the same coordinate space as the final blend that you are creating the lightmap from and also be mapped to the same texture sheet if you want to apply a single lightmap to all those object. This obviously can be a real challenge if using generic instruments.

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