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Howto:Multi-channel lightmap

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[[File:Gimp8a.jpg|600px|Saving the baked image]]
== Creating a lightmap or multi-channel lightmap using AC3D ==
Creating a lightmap texture using AC3d requires the same preparations to the mesh and texture layout as described by the previous section for Blender. Place a light in the scene and select all surfaces that use the same texture. De-select everything else. You can preview the result of the light position by disabling the headlight option in the 3D menu.
[[File:Ac3dpanel.jpg|800px|AC3d panel with one light source]]
When you're satisfied wit the result go to Tools and select Render To Texture. Set the texture width and height to the same widht and hight of the original texture covering the surfaces and select Lights and Shadows from the Render option. By pressing Render AC3D will generate a lightmap texture sheet that matches the original texture at a file location of your choice.
[[File:Ac3dlightmap.jpg|800px|AC3d panel lightmap]]

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