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EchoAir2015 Traveller/info

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<includeonly> {{infobox aircraft| name = EchoAir 2015 Traveller| image = EchoAir2015.png| type = Fictional aircraft/Civil utility aircraft/Sport aircraft| config = High wing aircraft| propulsion = Piston aircraft/Single-engine aircraft| manufacturer = EchoAir Aircraft Company| authors = D-ECHO (Design, 3d-model, xml work)/Emmanuel Baranger (file base)/Didier1963 (Textures and "teaching")| fdm = YASim| fgname = ea2015| status = Development| navbar = 1Delete}}</includeonly><noinclude>This is the aircraft infobox subpage of the [[EchoAir2015 Traveller]].[[Category:Aircraft infobox documentation]]</noinclude>removed

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