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Martin-Baker MB5

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Review: Usage of the {{key press}} template.
== Review ==
Starting the MB-5 (v20111202 from FlightGear Aircraft Version 2.6 download page) with its impressive contrarotating propellers consists of tapping "SHIFT {{key press|Shift|M" }} 3 times, "SHIFT {{key press|Shift|} }}" 3 times, tapping the throttle key "pg UP" {{key press|PgUp}} 3 times and pressing '{{key press|s' }} to start.
The aircraft starts with its brakes off, so it starts rolling on startup. The stick must be held back a moderate amount to prevent a deadly and uncontrollable ground loop, with the MB-5 cavorting all over the field otherwise. I would think the contra-rotating props should have prevented this.

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