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To help newly registered users get more familiar with the wiki (and maybe older users too) there is now a {{Welcome to the wiki}} template. Have a look at it and feel free to add it to new users discussion pages (and perhaps your own).

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Boeing 787

506 bytes removed, 18:56, 23 June 2016
Switched to the Boeing 787/info documentation page for the aircraft infobox by transcluding {{:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}. This needed as the 'authors' parameter in the new template does support links.
{{infobox Aircraft|image =787.png|name =Boeing 787-8|type =Airliner|livery =ANA, Air Canada, Continental, LAN, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Dreamliner (Both), Continental Airlines, Aeroflot, United Airlies (Pre-merger), Japan Airlines|fdm =YASim|status = Released, Development|status-fdm = 2|status-systems = 2|status-cockpit = 3|status-model = 4|authors =Josh Wilson and [[User:Nickyivyca|Nickyivyca]], Dany93|fgname =787|download =http://www.mediafire.com{{PAGENAME}}/?jxzff5v68zdd09ainfo}}
{{Distinguish|Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner}}

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