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Scenery Project Elba

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Logo for the Elba Scenery Project

The Elba scenery project aims to improve the island scenery. The project's base is the current TerraSync scenery, with a few buildings on the airport LIRJ.

Elba is a beautiful island in the west of Italy, close to the northern end of Corse.

There is one airport on the island, the Elba Island Airport (LIRJ), in FlightGear called Marina Di Campo, which is the name of the city nearby.


Torre di San Giovanni

Modify Ground Textures (Elba was in the "corse.xml"-material file included, so it looked just like Corse, which isn't very realistic, as you see in this picture: http://www.jumpaway.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/privatjet_nach_elba_anflug.jpg -> Done Done

  • Basic airport modelling (has already been done before the project by Paola Rota) -> Done Done
  • Custom Objects for the island -> Pending Pending 60}% completed
  • Detailed airport design (WED) -> Pending Pending/Paused Paused (uploaded to airport scenery gateway, waiting for validation)
  • Detailed airport objects -> Pending Pending
  • Adding AI traffic -> Pending Pending


  • D-ECHO (material changes, added a few objects on the island/airport)
  • Catalonic (added many shared objects on the island and the airport)


Everyone is very welcome to contribute to this project. If you want to help, just contact me (D-ECHO) over the forum.

Development topic on the FlightGear forum: http://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=26138


The in-development scenery can be found at https://github.com/D-ECHO/Elba.