McDonnell Douglas MD-90

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McDonnell Douglas MD-90
it0uchpods hangar
Type Airliner
Author(s) Joshua Davidson (it0uchpods/411)
--aircraft= MD-90
Status Early production
 FDM Stars-3.png
 Systems Stars-3.png
 Cockpit Stars-3.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Repository The development repository of the McDonnell Douglas MD-90.
Download Download the aircraft package.
Forum 'McDonnell Douglas MD-90' topic on the FlightGear forum.

Development status

Decent Cockpit with 3D panel, AP panel, and throttle quadrant. Good 3D Model Active development by it0uchpods Hanger!

See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "MD-90".

Current Known Issues

  • Overhead is not complete

Aircraft help

Key Function
J / K Increase/Decrease Spoilers
Del Thrust reversers
Shift+B Parking brake