Hi fellow wiki editors!

To help newly registered users get more familiar with the wiki (and maybe older users too) there is now a {{Welcome to the wiki}} template. Have a look at it and feel free to add it to new users discussion pages (and perhaps your own).

I have tried to keep the template short, but meaningful. /Johan G

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Hi there!

It seems that this wiki page is much more up to date than the main flightgear.org web page, so I'll post my comments here:

I'd be willing to contribute to the project but, although I can see a lot of "TODOs" here in the wiki page that would keep me busy for years to come, it is unclear to me how to proceed to get involved with the developers and discuss things up front (as recommended at flightgear.org). For example: where in the world is the development mail list mentioned in several places? :-) An innocent link anywhere would be very much appreciated (my apologizes if present but I didn't notice).



http://www.flightgear.org -> "Lists, Forums, and IRC" https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/flightgear-devel http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=flightgear-devel

HTH --MILSTD 15:26, 12 November 2007 (EST)