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HT16K33 Configuration

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As each device, each HT16K33 you have in your hardware interface must be declared here.
In our radio panel the section defining the HT16K33 chip is as follows :

  • devicetype :

This is the class that will be used to create the element in the interface.
In the case of Holtek HT16K33 chips, the module class is HT16K33.

  • devicename :

This is the name under which it will be created at the interface. This name must be unique.
This name must be used in the getDevice(devicename) function, for example. This parameter is case sensitive

  • deviceaddr :

This is the device address on the I2C bus. The address must be supplied in hexadecimal format.

  • devicedummy :

This parameter is actually unused. But have been implemented for futur release. You must leave this parameter to 0