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The Bendix/King KAP 140 Two Axis/Altitude Preselect Autopilot System is the autopilot of the default Cessna 172, controlling the elevator and ailerons.

Quick Guide

KAP140 Two Axis with Preselect Altitude

  1. To activate the autopilot in wings level (ROL) and vertical speed (VS) modes press the AP button. The autopilot will try to keep the wings level by keeping the turn rate at zero. The autopilot will also try to maintain the vertical speed at activation. Use the UP and DN buttons to set the desired vertical speed.
  2. With the autopilot active you can use the HDG button to toggle between wings level (ROL) and heading select (HDG) modes. In heading select mode the autopilot will try to maintain the heading selected by the heading bug on the directional gyro.
  3. Use NAV button to toggle between navigation mode (NAV) and wings level (ROL) mode. NAV mode is flying to NAV1 or GPS. That is one of the Heading modes in KAP140 that direction when heading bug OBS operated. Please be careful.
  4. Toggle other mode and approach (APR) mode when APR button pushed and following marker beacon, VOR, GPS and ILS (localizer and glide slope) for automatic approach. This mode is recommended for instrument approach.
  5. The REV button enables the back course mode having the autopilot flying away from the runway. This mode is like APR mode except that the direction is away from the localizer (LOC) and that glide slope (GS) is not used.
  6. Use the ALT button to toggle between vertical speed (VS) and altitude hold (ALT) modes. In altitude hold mode the UP and DN buttons change the altitude by 20 feet per press.
  7. The ARM button enables altitude preselect by the rotary knob using procedure below, pushing it again disables altitude preselect.
    1. Input the current atmospheric pressure using the BARO button and rotary knob
    2. Check that the display is showing altitude and set your desired altitude, using the rotary knob.
    3. Set your desired vertical speed using UP and DN button.
    4. Press the ARM button that is enable ARM mode.
  8. The BARO button sets the atmospheric pressure. When the BARO button is pushed, enter desired atmospheric pressure using the rotary dial/knob.
  9. Press the AP button to deactivate the autopilot. The horizontal and vertical modes can not be activated independently.

Please read the Pilot's Guide for complete instructions on the use of the KAP140 Autopilot system.

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