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Base Package Assembly

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Cquote1.png To move forward with restructuring the FGData repository, some discussion is needed on how different groups of people use the system.

Cquote1.png Would it be perhaps beneficial if the people engaged in this discussion created a wiki page with structured checklist of all known problems and issues? Then those suggesting a different solution could check and state how their solution would solve (or ignore) those issues. It would make it easier (I hope) to concentrate on the relative merits of various proposals.


Cquote1.png I am going to commence reducing FGDATA this weekend. The reasons for that

action have been discussed here and on the forum in epic detail, so I won't
repeat them.

The result will be a new and much smaller git repository and it will only
have the c172p and the ufo remaining.

To avoid any unnecessary extra work, I will temporarily remove all
contributors with write access except 2 or three admins on Friday afternoon
(Central European Time Zone).

— Torsten Dreyer (2015-03-05). [Flightgear-devel] FGData size reduction.
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Cquote1.png Next, I'll do a initial commit of the base package aircraft to fgaddon/svn.

Following that, I create a new git repo for a smaller git fgdata and push
it to sourceforge.
Finally, we re-add contributors with push permission.

If anything goes wrong, the original fgdata will remain intact and can
serve as a fallback.

— Torsten Dreyer (2015-03-05). [Flightgear-devel] FGData size reduction.
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