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This article is a draft.

It should become a more accessible version of Implementing new features for FlightGear

More and more people are interested in contributing to the FlightGear project with their ideas, be it particular features or changes in the project "management" politics (especially a better care of the user base). These potential contributors go through a process that every current contributor knows and has been through already.

It all starts with the proposal on the forum, or mailing list, where the potential contributor expects some clear feedback... that sometimes won't come, and sometimes won't be exactly enthusiastic. Sometimes these discussion keep going for a long time with no results at all, as for many similar (if not identical!) ones that took place in the past. This is frustrating for both sides, and again, this is something every contributor has experienced, at least once.

This article originally written by "successful" contributors (and rewritten for the layman, lol, Ed.) will try to explain why that happens in this volunteer based project, and above all how to cope with that and have your idea examined with all the due respect.

/// SUSPENDED, waiting for clarifications on the aim of the article.