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Note  The project "World Scenery 3.0 roadmap" is currently blocked by remaining OSGText Issues:

The reason being as of 05/2021, we're now at the stage where the WS30 underlying scenery is close to "complete" - there don't seem to be any missing scenery features - and any issues remaining are ones that we can address at runtime (for example trees on roads). We should set ourselves a goal of delivering a full world build of WS30 via Terrasync for a preview release in the autumn of 2021. However, that of course relies on fixing the osgText issue[1]

Fernando has now pushed two commits (SimGear commit 64e4adf0b95f12f2710d40550372b197423b3874 and FGData commit 49fa42faac6e0a1a89321cea4db3670a63662a58) that should hopefully fix the white osgText issue under OSG 3.6. Apparently assigning an Effect to the geode containing the osgText was enough to get it working. He thought it would conflict with OSG internal shaders, but it didn't. This might not be the case with the core profile, but has got a few tricks which should force our shaders to prevail over OSG's.

Anyway, Fernando tested it and it looks fine to him. If someone who is more used to using osgText can report if the fix was successful and the text looks exactly the same as before, it would be greatly appreciated.[2] Please report back via the developers mailing list and/or the issue tracker.[3].