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+++ {{Newsletter-header|{{#time: F | 2020-11}}}} +++

''We would like to emphasize that the monthly newsletter can not live without the contributions of FlightGear users and developers. Everyone with a wiki account (free to register) is welcome to contribute to the newsletter. If you know about any FlightGear related news or projects such as for example updated scenery or aircraft, please do feel invited to add such news to the newsletter.''

== Development news ==
<!-- News about FlightGear itself. The FlightGear mailing list and/or core developers are a good source. -->

<!-- == New software tools and projects == -->
<!-- Those not being part of FlightGear itself, like for example OpenRadar, TerreMaster or -->

== In the hangar ==
<!-- News about new and upgraded aircraft and related stuff. The official forum and other ones usually are a good source for this. -->

<!-- === Instruments === -->

<!-- === New aircraft === -->

<!-- === Updated aircraft === -->

<!-- === Liveries === -->

<!-- === Aircraft reviews === -->

== AI ==
<!--Looking at "In the hangar" or "Scenery corner" we really need a slogan for "AI"-->
<!-- === AI traffic === -->
The AI team makes FlightGear more realistic, colorful and lively every month. You can support the important development of ''Interactive Traffic'' and contribute at the FlightGear {{forum link|title=AI|f=23}}.

<!-- === AI scenarios === -->

== Scenery corner ==
<!-- Scenery development news -->

<!-- === Scenery Models === -->

<!-- === Airports === -->

<!-- === Land cover === -->

<!-- === Osm2city === -->

<!-- == Interview with a contributor == -->

<!-- == Suggested flights == -->

== Community news ==
<!-- === FlightGear on YouTube === -->
<!-- embed video as {{#ev:youtube|VCc6PwRI1LA}}-->

<!-- === Forum news === -->

<!-- === Wiki updates === -->

=== FlightGear on Facebook ===
Since early December 2010, FlightGear has an [ official Facebook page]. If you have a Facebook account please feel free to join the page.

=== FlightGear on Instagram ===
In January 2018 the [ @flightgear_sim Instagram account] was brought back to life. If you've got nice screenshots to be featured, feel free to {{forum link|text=contact the maintainer|t=33636}}.

=== FlightGear on ===
Flightgear has also a [ sub-forum] on - just like the commercial flightsims. It is an opportunity to showcase what FG can do, get people curious and answer any questions they may have with regard to the software or the project.

== Multiplayer events ==
<!-- === Upcoming events === -->

<!-- === Finished events === -->

<!-- == FlightGear events == -->
<!-- For example presence at FSWeekend -->

<!-- == Hardware reviews == -->

== Contributing ==

=== Translators needed ===
| [[File:en.gif]]
| The FlightGear Wiki still needs help for translating it into various languages. If you are interested in making the FlightGear Wiki multilingual, you can start by looking at [[Help:Translate]].
| [[File:fr.gif]]
| Le wiki de FlightGear a toujours besoin d'aide pour être traduit en différentes langues. Si vous êtes intéressé par le rendre multilingue, commencez par lire [[:fr:Help:Traduire|Help:Traduire]].
| [[File:de.gif]]
| Das FlightGear Wiki benötigt immer noch Hilfe bei der Übersetzung in verschiedene Sprachen. Wenn Du Interesse daran hast, das FlightGear Wiki mehrsprachig zu machen, dann fang mit dem [[:de:Help:Übersetzen|Help:Übersetzen]] an.
| [[File:nl.gif]]
| De FlightGear Wiki kan nog steed hulp gebruiken bij het vertalen van artikelen. Als je interesse hebt om de wiki meertalig te maken, raden we je aan om een kijkje te nemen bij [[:nl:Help:Vertalen|Help:Vertalen]].
| [[File:es.gif]]
| La wiki de FlightGear todavía necesita ayuda para traducirla a varios lenguajes. Si estás interesado en hacer la FlightGear wiki multilingüe, entonces comienza en [[:es:Help:Traducir|Help:Traducir]].
| [[File:cat.gif]]
| La wiki de FlightGear encara necessita ajuda per traduir-la a diverses llengües. Si esteu interessat en fer la wiki de FlightGear multilingüe, llavors comenceu a [[:ca:Help:Traduir|Help:Traduir]].
| [[File:pt.gif]]
| A wiki de FlightGear ainda necessita de ajuda para traduzi-la em vários idiomas. Se estás interessado em tornar a wiki de FlightGear multi-lingual, por favor começa em [[:pt:Help:Traduzir|Help:Traduzir]].
| [[File:zh.gif]]
| FlightGear 百科仍然需要志愿者将其翻译为各种语言。如果你有兴趣让FlightGear百科支持更多语言, 你可以查看 [[Help:Translate]].

=== FlightGear logos ===
If you want some graphic elements for your FlightGear-related site (such as a hangar or YouTube channel), please feel free to visit [[FlightGear logos]] for a repository of logos. And if you have some art skills, please don't hesitate to contribute with your own design creations.

=== Screenshots ===
The FlightGear project always needs screenshots, which show features that were added since the last release. These should be of good quality, especially in content and technical image properties. It is therefore recommended to use the best viable filter settings ([[anti-aliasing]], texture sharpening, etc.). More info at [[Howto:Make nice screenshots]].

==== Screenshot of the Month ====
<!--FlightGear's Screenshot of the Month {{#time: F | 2020-11}} 2020 is FIXME by {{usr|FIXME}}

If you want to participate in the screenshot contest <!--of {{#time: F | 2020-11 + 1month}}-->, you can submit your candidate to {{forum link|title=this|f=19|t= }}. Be sure to see the first post for participation rules. For purposes of convenience and organization, after all the entries have been submitted, a new forum topic will be started containing all shots in an easy-to-view layout. The voting will then take place there. Once the voting has finished, the best screenshot will be presented in the Newsletter<!-- edition of {{#time: F | 2020-11 + 1month}}-->.

''Thanks for reading {{PAGENAME}}!''


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[[de:FlightGear Newsletter {{#time: F Y | 2020-11 | de }}]]


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