Howto:Merging FGRadar and FGAIS

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Illustrate how the framework related code of FGRadar and FGAIS can be used to create a standalone application that can serve as a headless fgfs client to inject arbitrary traffic into the FlightGear multiplayer network.


F-JJTH's original FGAIS code: FGAIS

That code can already "inject" arbitrary traffic into fgms using the MP protocol, using a tiny subset of the whole protocol. In addition, if your intention is to maintain compatibility with existing data files, you will sooner or later realie that you will inevitably also need access to certain FG subsystems - IcecodeGL ended up implementing a SimGear based SGApplication framework for his FGRadar client: FGRadar This whole thing works by setting up a single SGSubsystemMgr, so that you can directly reuse existing FG Subsystems (think properties, autopilot) without causing additional work. Ultimately, this approach would mean that even things like tanker.nas or the Bombable addon (both of which are using your AI system) could be running in a standalone fashion if people really wanted to (in fact, SGApplication contains a stripped-down Nasal interpreter, too).[1]


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