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A screenshot of a running FlightGear and nautilus browsing the prop radix

FgFuse is a fuse file system for Linux that lets you browse, read and write the properties of FlightGear from a mount point.

Communication between FgFuse and FlightGear is done via a socket connection.

Note  FgFuse is written in Python and needs the python-fuse package installed.


You can download the script from here


First of all you need to launch FlightGear with the --telnet option:

fgfs --telnet=10000

where 10000 is the telnet port to listen to. After launching FlightGear, launch FgFuse for example like this:

python fgFuse.py 10000 /tmp/fg/


  • is the address of the PC running FlightGear
  • 10000 is the telnet port which FlightGear session is listening to
  • /tmp/fg/ is the empty directory that will be mounted

When finished unmount the folder with this command:

fusermount -u /tmp/fg/


  • The script needs to connect to FlightGear via telnet. If you launch the script too soon, it could be possible that FlightGear has not opened the socket yet.
  • The script is at an early development stage, so expect errors to occur.