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== 画面 ==
== 画面 ==
* To provide a developer preview, the [[Compositor]] renderer is included as part of this release.  It provides a fully XML-configurable multi-pass rendering pipeline that is compatible with ALS and includes clustered shading.
* 此发行版随附[[Compositor]]渲染器以便开发人员预览使用。Compositor渲染器提供了全面支持XML配置的多通道渲染合成方式,并且支持ALS与集群着色。*增加了对DDS贴图缓存的支持,缩短了贴图文件的加载时间。
* Support for DDS Texture Cache, improving loading times for texture files.
* 恒星能见度现可根据恒星大小和大气条件进行配置。
* Star visibility is configurable based on magnitude of star and atmospheric conditions.
* 现可通过设置<code>/rendering/triangle-direction-lights=false</code>,可以使用不定向点精灵(non-directional point sprites)以便在不支持三角形点精灵(triangles of point sprites)的图形驱动器上正确运行。
* Use of non-directional point sprites as a fallback for drivers that do not support triangles of point sprites is now supported by setting <code>/rendering/triangle-directional-lights=false</code>.
* 添加了全新的Tower AGL视角。该视角与塔台视角类似,不同之处在于它使地面保持在飞机的正下方,并在飞机移动时平稳地缩放和平移。这使得该视角适合用于观察降落。
* A new Tower AGL view has been added.  This is similar to Tower View, except that it keeps both the aircraft and the ground immediately below the aircraft in view, zooming and panning smoothly as the aircraft moves. Good for viewing landings.
* 改善了机场草地贴图
* Improved airport grass textures
* 更新了加利福尼亚,亚洲,冰岛,扬马延(Jan Mayen)岛的区域材质定义(regional material definitions)。
* Updated regional material definitions for California, Asia, Iceland, Jan Mayen island.
* 增加了新的活火山 - Katla, Eyjafjallajokull, Surtsey.
* Active volcanoes - Katla, Eyjafjallajokull, Surtsey.
* 新增基于实例的随机建筑与OpenStreetMap建筑,提高了性能并显著提高了画面质量。
* Instanced-based random and OpenStreetMap buildings, improving performance and graphical quality significantly.
* 改进了机翼弯折着色器。
* Improvements to the Wingflex Shader.
* 现可从“View”菜单中启用/禁用飞行员模型。
* Users may enable/disable the pilot model from the View Options dialog.
== JSBSim ==
== JSBSim ==

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自由、开源的飞行模拟器FlightGear即将迎来2020.3版本更新。 这是FlightGear开始同时提供长期支持版本和预览版本之后的第二个长期支持版本, 代表了全球的志愿者们为期两年的开发工作的结晶。FlightGear由怀着雄心壮志的全球志愿者团队共同开发,并成功地创造出了可以免费使用、修改和分发的,同时无比真实的飞行模拟器。 FlightGear被世界各地的广大模拟飞行爱好者所使用,也被广泛应用于大学研究和博物馆的互动展览等领域。FlightGear被世界各地的广大模拟飞行爱好者所使用,也被广泛应用于大学研究和博物馆的互动展览等领域。

自v2018.3 LTS以来的主要更新包括:

  • 增加了即将到来的Compositor图形框架的预览,作为单独的二进制文件共同分发。
  • 对JSBSim和YASim飞行动力学模型进行了更新
  • 增加了DDS贴图缓存以减少加载时间
  • 加载更快、更节省内存的建筑
  • 改善了对航空母舰的支持



FlightGear - 自由飞翔!


  • 添加了在首次启动时出现的欢迎屏幕,为首次使用的用户提供一些有用的信息。
  • 现在可以收藏你喜爱的机模并进行条件筛选,从而更容易在数百种可用飞机中找到自己喜欢的飞机。
  • 启动器增加了对航空母舰的支持,包括选择航空母舰和设置起始位置。
  • 当你想开始飞行的时候,现在只需要按下 Ctrl-F 快捷键!
  • 增强了对停机坪和水上机场的支持,增加了对当前的飞机型号的检测。
  • 大量错误修正和稳定性改进,尤其对机模和插件选项卡进行了改进。


  • 此发行版随附Compositor渲染器以便开发人员预览使用。Compositor渲染器提供了全面支持XML配置的多通道渲染合成方式,并且支持ALS与集群着色。*增加了对DDS贴图缓存的支持,缩短了贴图文件的加载时间。
  • 恒星能见度现可根据恒星大小和大气条件进行配置。
  • 现可通过设置/rendering/triangle-direction-lights=false,可以使用不定向点精灵(non-directional point sprites)以便在不支持三角形点精灵(triangles of point sprites)的图形驱动器上正确运行。
  • 添加了全新的Tower AGL视角。该视角与塔台视角类似,不同之处在于它使地面保持在飞机的正下方,并在飞机移动时平稳地缩放和平移。这使得该视角适合用于观察降落。
  • 改善了机场草地贴图
  • 更新了加利福尼亚,亚洲,冰岛,扬马延(Jan Mayen)岛的区域材质定义(regional material definitions)。
  • 增加了新的活火山 - Katla, Eyjafjallajokull, Surtsey.
  • 新增基于实例的随机建筑与OpenStreetMap建筑,提高了性能并显著提高了画面质量。
  • 改进了机翼弯折着色器。
  • 现可从“View”菜单中启用/禁用飞行员模型。


  • Added the ability to set up the starter and acceleration times of a turbine (parameters <n1spinup>, <n2spinup>, <n1startrate>, <n2startrate>).
  • The <integrator> filter can now be reset to 0.0 by setting its <trigger> property to a negative value.
  • The integration scheme of the <integrator> filter can now be chosen among rect (Euler), trap (Trapezoidal), ab2 (2nd order Adams-BashForth) and ab3 (3rd order Adams-Bashforth)
  • The following functions can now be used in <function>: floor, ceil and fmod. Their functionalities are the same than the corresponding C/C++ functions.
  • <function> now checks the number of its arguments.
  • New system component linear_actuator
  • Export the fuel density to the property tree
  • Added cyclic clipping for FCS components
  • Added the ability to control the turbine engines spin down factor
  • [Backward compatibility breakage] Gyros are now measuring rotation rates instead of rotational accelerations. Gyros that measure rotational accelerations do not exist in the real world.
  • Output properties of flight control elements are no longer tied. This saves a lot of spurious warning messages and allows direct references of the same properties among several flight controls.
  • Water vapor in the atmosphere is now managed through its mass fraction rather than its partial pressure. The former being the physical quantity that is conserved when pressure and temperature vary.
  • Check that there are at least 3 contacts before trying to trim on ground.
  • Added optional transmission of the simulation time for FG UDP interface
  • The existence of the property that is used for table independent vars is now checked during execution rather than when the XML definition is parsed. This relaxes the order in which filters, table and more generally flight controls need to be declared in the XML definition files.
  • Electric engines RPM is now exported in UDP sockets.
  • The parameter <ignitionn2> now affects N2 rather than N1.
  • A warning is now given when max < min in a <clipto> rather than throwing an exception
  • Added the ability to log properties in a CSV file with the new fgfs executable argument --jsbsim-output-directive-file


  • Ground friction (stiction) changes
  • Support for transonic flow effects.
  • Control initial gear state directly by setting /fdm/yasim/respect-external-gear-state=true, rather then YASim settings this depending on whether the aircraft is in the air or on the ground.
  • Electric engines are now supported.


  • Increased turbulence will be encountered near active volcanoes.
  • Configurable METAR URL.
  • METAR strings are decoded and displayed in a human-readable form in the weather dialog.


  • Two new carrier-specific starting options are supported in the launcher: carrier-takeoff and carrier-approach.
  • A new --carrier-position command-line argument has been added. This can be used to select the aircraft start position on an aircraft carrier. Either a catapult (e.g. cat-1), a parking position (e.g. park-1), on final approach on the FLOLS (flols) or abeam the carrier (abeam).
  • MPCarrier can now be detected by the GUI even if not available on startup. To enable this feature set /sim/mp-carriers/auto-attach=true.


  • New fgcommands add-aiobject and remove-aiobject for adding/removing objects to the AI subsystem.
  • New AI aircraft, including 747 Freighter, CRJ900, SR-71, Saab 340.
  • Numerous updates to AI traffic schedules and airline liveries.
  • Space Shuttle TAEM and approach at KEDW scenario.
  • Accurate Britten-Norman Islander performance data, from an Islander pilot.


  • Connection to VATSIM via swift is now available via the GUI.
  • FGCom now supports both COM1 and COM2, as well as volume settings.
  • The views defined by the user's aircraft (Pilot view, Helicopter view, Tower view etc) can now be used with multiplayer aircraft. Viewing a particular multiplayer aircraft is done by clicking in the Pilot List dialogue's "view' column (see the "Multiplayer/Pilot List" menu).
  • --disable-hold-short option which allows the user to force a start on the runway when multiplayer is enabled. This option should be used with caution - it can give other pilots and ATC a nasty fright to find an aircraft materialize on the runway!
  • Support for recording multiplayer data

Nasal 脚本语言

  • Configurable load order for core Nasal modules.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to Emesary, the messaging interface.
  • Improvements to the core libraries.
  • Garbage collection improvements to reduce frame stuttering
  • Re-loadable nasal modules
  • Canvas EFIS framework
  • New methods in Canvas Image to set colors of pixels in the image.


  • FG1000 Glass Panel improvements include user-configurable VFR transponder codes, volume controls, new fascia, UI is now resizeable, support for custom SVG files (e.g. for a G500). The FG1000 is now available on the Cessna 182T, J3 Cub, Diamond DA40.
  • Improved glider vario instrument.
  • New Aircraft:
    • Airbus A320 - airliner
    • Alisport Silent2Electro - glider with electric sustainer motor
    • Bombardier Q400 DHC8-402 - shorthaul turboprop airliner
    • Breguet Atlantic BR 1150 - long-range maritime patrol aircraft
    • Cessna 140 - GA aircraft
    • Cessna 208B Caravan - short range passenger, freighter and utility aircraft
    • Cirrus SR22T - GA aircraft
    • Diamond DA40 NG - GA aircraft, including FG1000 glass panel cockpit
    • Diamond DA62 Twinstar- Twin engine GA aircraft
    • Diamond HK36 Super Dimona - motorglider
    • Dornier DO 28 Skyservant - Twin engine STOL utility aircraft
    • Douglas TBD Devastator - WWII Torpedo bomber
    • Draco Wilga - turboprop taildragger bush plane
    • Fokker T.V - twin engine bomber
    • Glasfluegel H201B Standard Libelle - glider
    • Grumman F11-Tiger - carrier-based fighter
    • Grumman HU-16A Albatross - twin engine amphibian
    • Petliakov PE-8 (Ant-42/TB-7) - WWII bomber
    • Piper PA28-161 Warrior II - GA aircraft
    • Pipistrel Alpha Electro - electric training aircraft
    • Pipistrel Taurus Electro G2.5 - glider with electric sustainer motor
    • Rolladen Schneider LS8sc neo - standard glider with electric sustainer motor
    • Robin DR400 Ecoflyer - GA Aircraft
    • Scheibe Bergfalke II/55 - training glider
    • Schempp-Hirth Arcus S - high performance glider
    • Schleicher Ka6(CR) "Rhoensegler" - training glider
    • SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 - jet attack aircraft
    • SUMPAC - Human powered airplane
    • Supermarine Swift - jet fighter
    • Yak 52 - training aircraft
  • Major updates to over 70 aircraft. Including 737-100, 737-300, 777, A-26-Invader, AR-234, ASG29, ASK13, ASK21, Aero-Commander, Aichi-D3A, B-17, B-24-Liberator, B-25, Bombardier-415, CH750STOL, CRJ700-family, Cessna-208-Caravan, Cessna Citation II, Cessna-L19, Cirrus-SR22, Concorde, DO-228, DO-335, Diamond-Da40, Diamond-Da42, Dragonfly, Embraer-ERJ-145, F-15, Fairchild-Metroliner, Falcon-50, Fokker-S-11, Fw200, H4-Hercules, Harrier-GR3, Horten-Ho-IX, Hughes-XF11, J3Cub, JA37, JAS39-Gripen, Jaguar, LS4, Lancair-235, Lionceau, Lockheed-NF104A, Lockheed-P38, ME-262, Mirage-2000, MirageIV, Northrop-xb35, PC-12, Piaggio-P166, Piper-PA-28, Potez-630, R44, Ryan-Navion, SIAI-Marchetti-SF.260, Socata-ST10, SpaceShuttle, Starship, Tecnam-P2006T, UH-1, Yak-18T, Zlin-50lx, an24b, bluebird, c182s, dhc1, f-14b, f16.


  • Updated Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Slovak translations.
  • Map dialog displays heliports and allows configurable cursor key panning
  • Faster Terrasync: Download a tarball of airport information on first start and only check for updates every 24 hours rather than every simulator run.
  • GPS fly-by mode
  • Sentry.io integration to provide centralized crash reporting.
  • Change screenshot filename to have date and time
  • New thread safe particle manager -- should reduce random crashes around particles.


Changes since the 2020.1 preview release include:

  • Various launcher improvements including a Welcome screen and a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) to Fly!
  • Improved regional definitions for California, and better grass textures
  • New AI model for the 747 Freighter, and numerous AI livery and traffic updates.
  • Updates to the FG1000 glass panel display including configurable VFR transponder codes, volume controls, a new fascia, resizeable UI and support for custom SVG files.
  • A hangar full of new aircraft: HU-16A-Albatross, LS8, Embraer-ERJ-145, Cessna 208B Caravan, PZL 104 wilga 2000 Draco, Scheibe Bergfalke, Taurus, f16, Dornier Do 28 Skyservant, Petliakov Pe 8 (Ant 42/DB 7), Grumman F.11 Tiger
  • Updates to a large number of aircraft including CRJ700, Dragonfly, Mirage 2000, Jaguar GR1, H4 Hercules, JA37, Supermarine Swift, A320, Cirrus-SR22, Cessna Citation, J3Cub
  • Updated Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Slovak translations.
  • Faster Terrasync: Download a tarball of airport information on first start and only check for updates every 24 hours rather than every simulator run.
  • GPS fly-by mode
  • Sentry.io integration to provide centralized crash reporting.
  • New thread safe particle manager -- should reduce random crashes around particles.