Hi fellow wiki editors!

To help newly registered users get more familiar with the wiki (and maybe older users too) there is now a {{Welcome to the wiki}} template. Have a look at it and feel free to add it to new users discussion pages (and perhaps your own).

I have tried to keep the template short, but meaningful. /Johan G

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(add link to johan's convert template)
(Playing with the draft convert template: add template field separators for last two fields. we don't use them but maybe the template requires them to function?)
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::=== Performance Data ===
::=== Performance Data ===
::* '''Maximum Speed:''' 1,200 mph {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mph|kt}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mph|km/h}}
::* '''Maximum Speed:''' 1,200 mph {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mph|kt||}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mph|km/h||}}
::* '''Rate of climb:''' classified
::* '''Rate of climb:''' classified
::* '''Service Ceiling:''' 60,000 ft {{User:Johan_G/convert|60000|ft|m}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|60000|ft|NM}}
::* '''Service Ceiling:''' 60,000 ft {{User:Johan_G/convert|60000|ft|m||}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|60000|ft|NM||}}
::* '''Range:''' 1,200 mi {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mi|km}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mi|NM}}
::* '''Range:''' 1,200 mi {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mi|km||}} {{User:Johan_G/convert|1200|mi|NM||}}

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Playing with the draft convert template

this is an attempt to use the draft convert template that Johan G has done... it is located here...

=== Performance Data ===
  • Maximum Speed: 1,200 mph 1043 kt 1931 km/h
  • Rate of climb: classified
  • Service Ceiling: 60,000 ft 18288 m 10 NM
  • Range: 1,200 mi 1931 km 1043 NM