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Adding a existing component to an existing aircraft

On march 25, 2020 I was asked via mumble, if I could add the garmin196 to the Seneca II, hence the AP is not charming. Here ist what I did, an how I did it.

Creating a working copy of the aircraft

At first I aquired the Aircraft. It's part of the sourceforge/svn-repository.

I got the plane searching throught FGADDON/AIRCRAFT ( using the SVN system.

   $ svn checkout

note: sourceforge does not support the correct svn-codeline, you need to correct the path starting after trunk'

Locating the system to add

I went into my system's Flightgear root directory $FG_ROOT - which is nice to know. On ubuntu and DeBIAN systems it is likely to be found in:
  $ cd /usr/share/games/flightgear/

Hence I looked for garmin196 invoking a full recursive file-search

 me@machine:/usr/share/games/flightgear/$ ls -R | grep -A1 -i garmin196

and I figured that the device's files are located in /Aircraft/Instrument-3d/garmin196

Understanding the components of the system

Adding the model to the aircraft, positioning


<model> <path>Aircraft/Instruments-3d/garmin196/garmin196.xml</path> <offsets> <heading-deg>-40</heading-deg> <x-m>-1.945</x-m> <y-m>0.15</y-m> <z-m>1.65</z-m> </offsets> </model> [/code]

Implementing the functionality

Adapting, Adding, Extending