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  from .............. : LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline on the server
  localization ...... : Uk
  server politic .... : semi-public
  state ............. : up 
                      : but in development
  Scenario type ..... : self contained
Questions Answer // Remark
Scenario type ? Additional scenario.
Hosted on Terra-sync ? No.
Project to host in on Terra-Sync Still not.
Why ? Do not want "pollute" the base scenario ;
.......... what do you mean by "Pollute" ? Theses Valleys in Tyrolean Italy and Austria are gorgeous and it is easy to understand that several would prefer, time to time, to have a flight in there without having in sight all the Red-bull marking material ;
.......... OK, is not Terrasync good enough ? Terrasync is a amazing mechanism. It offer to all of us the advantage to have "all" in one place, this is an huge plus of Flightgear.
.......... so why not Terrasync ? Terrasync do still not offer a way to choose in between one and an alternative scenario ;
.......... Terrasync may be in the future ? Of course, bringing everything in one same central structure is a conversation that, of course, will happen.

But the concern now is too see how much the FG community does plebiscite LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline facility.

.......... so, is this a new repository ? Really Not ! Flightgear do need convergence.

What you will find here are links to the already existing hangar and models , only ! It is matter of keeping it simple for all of us.

Did you already had this :

"where did you found your model ?" "in FG" "no! ...there..." "I have the model but it is not the same... is it the last one?" "I do not know, it is from another hangar..." 

...After a few years of this way to go, your hard disk is like a souk ! I do not want this for me ! Do you want it for you ?

Of course, developing your own models, hosting then in your own hangar, and turning accessible or not to FG, is a matter of freedom of choice, You can not touch this !
And actually, Flightgear have a (re?)current need of new airplane developers, to complete and achieve in quality existing planes, instead to develop a new hundred of new ersatz. [1]
And then, why not, of course develop amazing new models!
So, having a mechanism in one place to trace a find the models and hangars is crucial. It is actually a project I am working on and i feel a bit sorry because it already could have helped here.
But, yes, here, only links to existing FG planes.

see on this wiki LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline PLANES

The server is http instead of https.
Is it safe to go there with my internet Browser ?
Yes, ultimately
This server is very trusty and under permanent monitoring.

SSL/TLS certificates are in preparation in order to offer to everyone the standard level of security confirmation.

There are there several files.
Which file do I have to download ?
if you internet connection is slow -> LILO-LOWI-ADRENALINE-release-1-2020-05-24_MaximumZip.7z This file is smaller (190 MB) but contain the same.

if you internet connection is good -> LILO-LOWI-ADRENALINE-release-1-2020-05-24_MinimumZip.7z (it is just zero compressed and thus quicker to install)
Both files contain the very same.
The scenario is self contained and could be used, if needed, in stand alone.

What are the other files for ? - Suggested_Launch_Parameters.txt is a text file with some suggested Flightgear parameters for an average good computer.

Using is them is not mandatory at all.
- "release done Sunday May 24. 1500z" is an empty file.
The filename is just there to provide you with an information directly visible.

Do I need other files ? Yes,
  1. the plane you want to fly with
  2. the planes you want to see. (other users).
Are some planes better then other  ? Yes.

But LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline challenge is not about speed !
It is about control and skills.
Some parts like, e.g. the Giant Slalom can only be done at about 130 KTS !

So, by curiosity and by fun too, I have tested some planes.

This is a list of the one I did the most enjoyed (and this is not a list of "official recommendation") (like the fact they are all jsbsim based - it is a personal preference because the jsbsim engine allow more realistic flight.

Where can i find the planes ?

or in ad-hoc hangars.

LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline - Install >