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TerraSync by hand using SVN

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If you want to manually download FlightGear World Scenery 2.0 from the TerraSync repository, you can do so by using the command line subversion client.

First of all you have to make the directory where to store the scenery in and change into it:

mkdir /path/where/to/store/the/Scenery
cd /path/where/to/store/the/Scenery

Then set up the local svn repository and download the Airports and Models:

svn checkout --non-recursive http://ns334561.ip-5-196-65.eu:8888/trunk/data/Scenery/
svn update Scenery/Airports
svn update Scenery/Models
svn update --non-recursive Scenery/Objects
svn update --non-recursive Scenery/Terrain

Finally you can get parts of the scenery using these commands:

svn update Scenery/Objects/e000n40
svn update Scenery/Terrain/e000n40

To see what data is available, you can view the Flightgear TerraSync Server directory using this link.