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Terramaster r26 - Global view.png
Developed by reeed
Initial release

18 July 2011

Latest release

r29, 25 February 2012

Written in Java
Platform crossplatform
Type Scenery manager

TerraMaster is a graphical scenery manager that gives you a quick overview of your scenery and makes it easier to maintain that scenery. TerraMaster is a crossplatform application written in Java that uses TerraSync to update and download new scenery.


Global view

When TerraMaster starts it will show a map of the Earth. Left-clicking will zoom you in on an area. Clicking the "globe" icon will get you back to the global view.

Tile border colours

The tiles are colour coded to represent the state of the tiles:

  • Green tiles have both terrain and objects.
  • Amber tiles have terrain but no objects.
  • Red tiles are currently being selected for synchronisation.
  • Blue tiles are queued for synchronisation.

Zooming and panning

Zoom using the scroll wheel.

Pan around by dragging the map while pressing the right mouse button.

Syncing tiles

To select just one tile left-click it. The scenery for download is available in 1x1 degree tiles.

To select more tiles press the Ctrl key while left-clicking or left-dragging over the wanted tiles. If you accidentally selected a tile to many, deselect tiles using it Ctrl+left-click. You can also deselect several tiles using Ctrl+left-click and dragging.

Start the update and/or download clicking the "sync" button. The tiles will be downloaded starting from the first tile you selected and proceed in order of distance from it. If you are downloading tiles for a long flight you should then begin by selecting a tile close to the departure airport.


To get some information about a downloaded tile, hold the mouse cursor over it. A popup box will show he name of that tile, if there are terrain and objects in it and what airports it contains.

Before multiplayer events it might be an idea to sync the related tiles, even more so if you know that someone has crated new buildings etc. and got them into the scenery database.


Before installing, make sure you have Java 6, as it is needed.

  1. Download the newest version of TerraMaster from the download page.
  2. Unzip all the files in a suitably named and placed folder.
  3. Create a shortcut or script that runs java -jar terramaster.jar.
  4. When running TerraMaster the first time, click the "gear" icon and select the folder where your TerraSync scenery is located.
  5. Done!

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