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Not sure if the purpose of this page wouldn't be better being dealt with if the whole thing would be handled via a database-driven knowledge base, there are really numerous free/open source knowledge base packages available over at or I think we should check out the various existing possibilities (that is, search sourceforge/freshmeat for "knowledgebase", "knowledge base", "support center", "help center" etc) so that we can chose a package that will suit our needs. This would enable us to provide a dynamic frontend for users to have them fill in their data and being presented with possible solution paths, eventually this might in fact end up being pretty comprehensive. Any thoughts? --FlightZilla 08:38, 18 June 2006 (EDT)


Collection of Open Source KnowledgeBase Systems

Feel free to suggest other systems, as well as discuss pros & cons of the individual systems.


Let's try to determine what requirements should be met by a KB system for FlightGear-specific issues.

  • optional multi-language support
  • i18n
  • interactive questioning for pre-configurable items (i.e. host, platform, OS, driver version, compiler etc)
  • full text search
  • nested solution paths