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San Francisco

Half Moon Bay

Here's a suggested flight, after you do a cvs update on the base package to get the latest SF scenery. Start at Half Moon Bay, Runway 30, with 32km visibility:

fgfs --airport=KHAF --runway=30 --visibility=32000

Takeoff in the C172 and climb to 1000 feet, then continue north over the water, near the shoreline. Look out the right window frequently. Fly up the coast, overfly the Golden Gate Bridge, continue around the top of the peninsula past downtown SF, then fly on to KSFO for a landing. We now have lots to see.

If you cannot see the runway in the default 172, you must be flying too high or too slowly. You can start by practicing a bit with a good setup:

fgfs --offset-distance=1.5 --altitude=500 --vc=70

As soon as Flight Gear starts, cut the power to 1500 rpm and drop two notches of flap. Maintain 70 kt. Now, pick your landing spot (a bit down the runway) and try to hold it in the same spot on your windshield. If your landing spot starts moving down, you are too high, and should cut another 100 rpm; if it starts moving up, you are too low, and should add another 100 rpm. Adjust the nose to keep your speed at 70 kt all the way down until you're right above the numbers, then cut power to idle, drop the last notch of flaps, flare, and land.