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Orio al Serio Airport

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Aeroporto "Antonio Locatelli" Bergamo Orio al Serio
LIME-100621 1.jpg
Type Public
Owner SACBO S.p.A.
City Orio al Serio, Bergamo
Runway Length Material
10/28 2937 m Asphalt
12/30 778 m Asphalt

Orio al Serio Airport (LIME) is an airport located in Orio al Serio, 2 NM (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) southeast of Bergamo, Italy.

FlightGear scenery

Author: Paolo Rota (scighera)
Status: under construction
Webpage: Author's webpage
Tile: e000n040 (e009n045)

About the project

The project has started with the additions of taxiways and aprons (which were missing on FG 1.9.1) with taxydraw, and the subsequent run of Terrragear.

Presently (sept 2010), the following buildings have been modeled:

  • Radar Tower
  • A second Radar Tower
  • Control Tower
  • Preexisting Control Tower, with annex building
  • Fire Dept building
  • DHL warehouse
  • Airport Entrance Building
  • Main Terminal (to be completed)
  • Twin semicilindrical open hangar
  • "Carabinieri" (Police) Heli Hangar
  • A large commercial hangar

Notes on installing

Things to do

  • Complete the remaining building (mainly the buildings close to runway 12/30 for the local Aeroclub
  • Complete the night texture

Known Bugs