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Mailing lists are used for some of the FlightGear community's communications, in particular among the core developers who are working on the flight simulator itself.

Some questions are better asked on the mailing list instead of the forum. You do not strictly have to be a core developer to subscribe and/or post to the mailing lists.

The mailing lists

Some of the lists are for discussions while some only contain announcements.

List (flightgear-…) Contents Archive Subscribe Email address Remarks
announce FlightGear announcements archive subscribe
bugs FlightGear Bug Tracker archive subscribe
builds Chatter from the FlightGear build servers archive subscribe
commitlogs Source code change commit logs archive subscribe
cvslogs CVS commit log distribution archive subscribe
devel FlightGear developer discussions archive subscribe Most active list
fgaddon-commitlogs Commit log message for the fgaddon repository (content developers) archive subscribe
flightmodel Flight model discussions archive subscribe
newsletter FlightGear newsletter announcements and discussions archive subscribe
scenery Discussion of Scenery development: code, tools, GIS data, models, etc. archive subscribe
users FlightGear user discussions archive subscribe Mostly replaced by the forum

How to subscribe to a mailing list

To sign up for one of the above mailing lists following these steps:

  1. Click a subscribe link in the list above to get to the form where you sign up for that list.
  2. Add your email address and pick a password, then click the Subscribe button.
    • If you want to instantly see responses, do not choose 'daily digest'. This option can be changed at any time.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email (usually within 10 seconds, and a few minutes max). It can often be found in your spam folder. Then click on the link in that message.
  4. Select your settings.
  5. At the bottom there are two buttons, one to cancel the process the other to subscript. Click on the correct button.
    • This step is often forgotten!

When you are subscribing to most of the mailings list you can post messages freely. You might be kicked off if you bring conflicts or noise, though.

Discuss your problem laying it out in as much detail you can and show that you are interested in the problem. If you are willing to work on it will also help, even if it is not related to coding itself. If your discussion is more than just asking for features to be added you have a better chance of getting help and you may find people there who can give you pointers on how to approach your problem.

Keep in mind that many of the lists are slower than the forum and that responses may take several days. Should it take more than a week you might want to probe the interest by responding to your own message. Sometimes you will simply find there is none.

Posting to a mailing list without subscribing

Subscribing is not strictly necessary to send emails. Your post may be significantly delayed if you are not subscribed though. E-mails from addresses which are not subscribed to the list are held for moderator approval before they are posted.

Cquote1.png The mailing lists are conduits for an amazing number of spam attempts. To protect list subscribers we require that people be subscribed to the list before they can post. Also be aware that you have to be subscribed with the address you post from. This catches some people because we live in a world where a lot of us have multiple email addresses we juggle (or a mail server might rewrite your from address on the fly.) In addition, new subscribers start out as moderated to catch situations where people sign up for the sole purpose of posting spam (which happens a lot on the forum as well.)

The list forum admins try to catch legit postings by new users to forward them along, and we try to manually unmoderate legit email address as we see them. But because of the high volume of spam that attempts to flow through the mailing lists, sometimes the legit stuff gets missed in all the noise.

— curt (Sun May 31). Re: Why is my post rejected from devel list?.
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Report bugs to the issue tracker

Bugs should preferably be reported to the issue tracker instead of posting to a mailing list.

You may have to register a SourceForge account first.

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