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List of developed airports

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This page lists airports and scenery places that are comparatively well-populated with scenery features such as airport buildings, landmarks etc. Feel free to add.









Germany Developer improved airports and airfields

//This list will be improved within the next weeks

Where to get it? 1. A_ST= Download the actual scenery tile http://www.flightgear.org/Downloads/scenery-0.9.10.html 2. Get an update from Jon Stockill's scenery repository http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/ 3. GS_SVN= Get all stuff from the German Scenery SVN http://ilovelinux.de/svn/fgfs-ffm/user/

(Deutsche Flughäfen in FlightGear mit Szenerie) (Stand 17.07.2007 08.02.2008 28.05.2008)

EDFM Mannheim A_ST Airport models A few city models

EDDF Frankfurt e000n50 A_ST + GS_SVN (always actual) Airport models City models

EDDL Düsseldorf A_ST Airport models Some city models

EDLN Mönchengladbach A_ST Many simple airport models

EDLE Essen-Mühlheim (not verified until now)

EDLA Arnsberg-Menden GS-SVN Very detailed airport models

EDVE Braunschweig A_ST Many airport models City models

EDDV Hannover GS-SVN Realistic airport, many dev-build models

EDDW Bremen GS-SVN Realistic airport, many models Many city models, dev-build and generic A lot of dev-build models in the area around

EDDH Hamburg A_ST Airport models A lot of dev-build realistic city models

EDHL Lübeck Blankensee Realistic airport, many dev-build models

Berlin A_ST EDDI Tempelhof Some dev-build models EDDT Tegel Many (?) dev-build models //to be verified

EDDC Dresden A_ST Only 1 model until now

Verden-Scharnhorst GS_SVN Realistic small airport, dev-build models --lat=52.963912 --lon=9.286150

Weser-Wümme airfield GS_SVN Small airport in development, dev-build models --lat=53.059092 --lon=9.208078

Menden-Barge glider field GS_SVN Dev build model --lon=7.841730 --lat=51.461965

EDWQ Ganderkesee-Atlas airfield GS_SVN - some generic models placed, to be improved

EDWL Langeoog small island airfield GS_SVN Dev-build models for field and airport --lat=53.743972 --lon=7.501539 --heading=235


See http://www.flightgear.nl.tp for scenery of the Netherlands.


North America


  • Kitcher Waterloo (CYKF) and Guelph Airpark (CNC4)

United States of America



South America