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This document is intended to list common FlightGear errors and how to get rid of them.

Could not find at least one of the following objects for animation:

This means that FlightGear is unable to find an object in a .ac file. Check the .xml file (where the animation is stored) to see if the object-names match those in the .ac file. If you are not the aircraft's author you can safely ignore such warnings.

Error: bind() failed in make_server_socket()

When using multiplayer or socket input, this usually means you specified an invalid ip address or the port is in use. Note: for multiplayer, you don't need to use the --multiplay=in,... option at all, FlightGear (since version 1.0) figures out the proper setting automatically. Only use when you know what you are doing.

Failed to find .... in apt.dat.gz

You need to edit ATC/default.tower and ATC/default.atis. You can open these files with any text editor. Either remove or fix the entries containing your airports ICAO code (like KSFO).

Failed to open file ...

Check if the file exists on your system. If the missing file is a scenery object; be sure you have the latest Shared Models from the FlightGear Scenery Database.

FGMultiplayMgr::MP_ProcessData: No such file or directory

This is telling you that there's someone online on the multiplayerserver, using a plane that you do not have installed on your own system. In order to remove the error (and see the other plane) you have to install the plane that the other pilot is using.

Found unexpected subsystem: system exiting. JSBSim failed to load aircraft and/or engine model

You are probably trying to run an aircraft on a out-of-date version of FlightGear. The planes on the official download page are intended to be used with the latest version of FlightGear. Usage on any older systems may not work.

Near camera not rendering

Near camera off.png

If you screen looks like the image above; make sure you have at least OSG version 2.7.6.

OpenAL error (AL_ILLEGAL_COMMAND): set_volume


OpenAL error <AL_INVALID_VALUE>: bind source <alGenSources>
Failed to generate audio source.

This error is probably displayed because of some misdirected audio settings in the aircrafts setup. Check the -sound.xml file of the aircraft and see if all files refered to really exist. If not, try to contact the author of the plane, so he can fix the problem in the CVS version or solve the problem yourself and let someone commit the patch.

OpenAL error (AL_INVALID_VALUE): constructor (alBufferData)
Fatal error: Failed to buffer data.

Disabling sound is a temporarily solution for this problem.

The system cannot find the file specified

If you are running Windows Vista; start by looking in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\VirtualStore and seeing if you have a folder called FlightGear in there. If you do, cut-and-paste (merge) that one with C:\Program Files\Flightgear and try to launch FlightGear again.

Hint: you may need to go under Tools and Folder Options to specify "Show Hidden/System Files and Folders" in order for AppData to be visible.

Unable to choose requested pixel format

Error should be solved as of version 1.9. If not, try changing your BPP and/or resolution.

Unknown exception to the main loop. Aborting...
Possible cause: No such file or directory

This error could have a variety of sources, among them missing files but also other things. Increasing the log level to debug might provide some more information on what FlightGear was doing when the error occurred. Setting your BPP to a lower value might work.

Warning: Picked up TriangleIntersect

Reduce your Log Level to alert. The errors might still be shown, but do not affect the sim anymore.