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Since last September 2009, the FlightGear Wiki supports multiple languages. From now on every article can be translated into any language, increasing the user friendliness for non-native English speaking users.

We need YOU!

As we have 3,186 articles (some are smaller than others) it is a hell lot of work to translate all those pages. A couple of users already started translating, but we defenitely could use some help, to be precise: your help! (Almost) Everyone speaks more then one language, I won't be suprised if most of the FG users are non-native English speakers.

If we all just translate one or two pages every now and then, it would not take *that* long to have atleast the most important articles (like Flying the helicopter, FlightGear, Installing Scenery and New to FlightGear).


For examples of already translated (only into a couple of languages) articles, take a look at the Main Page.

How do I start translating?

First you need to find an article that you like to translate. Then in the URL bar of your browser, add a slash (/) followed by the abbreviation of your desired language (see here for a list) and go to that page. So if I wanted to translate the TerraSync article into Dutch, I would visit the TerraSync/nl page. As you can see this page does not exist yet, so we are sure no-one translated it in Dutch so far.

Now we translate the actual article. You can leave wiki links as they are (pointing to he English article), unless the article is translated into the language of your article. In that case you make a wiki link like this: [[Main Page/nl|Hoofdpagina]]. Only Hoofdpagina will be shown in the article, but it points to Main Page/nl.

At the far top (but below the afd, stub and cleanup templates) you need to place the Language selection bar template. It is very straight forward. Just add this:


The PageName is the name of the original (English) article, so without the language prefix (/nl, /de, /fr etc.). So for the Main Page that would be

{{Languages|Main Page}}

Add this template also to the English version of the article (if not already done).

Thanks a lot for your translations or any other contributions you make to the wiki! Your hard work is really appreciate by all FG users!