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Proposition for the new content / organisation of the FlightGear Qt launcher.

rem: each first-level item in the following list represents an icon in the vertical icon box, on the left side of the mainwindow. The sub-level items could be organised by tabs, groups, panels in separated pages.

rem2: some of these items don't exist yet, or are unstable. This list could be a starting point to develop some ideas...

  • Summary
    • Select:
      • Mission
        • (ex: tutorials, carrier mission, volcanic ash mission, engine failure mission, military mission, fire mission...)
        • Rem: selecting Mission disables the Aircraft/Location/Time/Weather icons
      • Custom Flight Plan
      • UFO (sandbox mode)
      • Saved flights
    • Fly! = starts the simulation.
  • Aircraft
    • Search box + List of the installed aircrafts
      • Rem: maybe better to download the addons manually and copying them in the add-ons directory?
    • Properties box (description, author, copyright, date, version, website, stable or unstable) with screenshots
    • Option: Hide aircraft based on completeness
    • Aircraft settings
      • (ex: weight, CoG, crew and passengers, bagages, fuel)
      • Enable System Failures
      • Enable Crash/Damages
      • Autostart engine(s)
    • HTML Aircraft documentation
  • Location
    • Search box + List of the installed locations
    • 2D Map
      • Show/hide roads, rivers, Show/hide heightmap, zoom in/out...
      • Show the downloaded locations (with option to restrict the list to the downloaded scenaries only)
      • Show the points of interest
      • Show the NOTAM
      • Show the CTA, CTR and restricted areas
    • Toolbox to prepare the Flight Plan (departure, arrival, route, distance calculation, fuel calculation)
    • Enable NOTAM (with a select list of NOTAM)
  • Time
    • Season (local or custom)
    • Hour/Time (local or custom)
  • Weather
    • 2D Map (satellite weather map, forecast charts)
      • with the flight route previsouly defined
    • Basic settings: Sun/Snow/Rain/Icing/Storm
    • Advanced:
      • Clouds layers
      • Real online weather
      • Volumic clouds generation
  • Pilot's Logbook
    • Logbook
    • Missions completed
    • Replay a flight
  • Settings
    • Language
      • (default (english) or locale or custom)
    • Joystick/Keyboard/Mouse
    • AI
      • Traffic density
      • Dogfighting bots
    • Path settings
      • Choose another FG_ROOT (default or custom)
      • Choose another FG_HOME
      • Choose another FG_DATA...
      • Screenshots directory
      • Replays directory
    • Network settings
      • Main switch to open/close the internet connexion
      • LAN or Internet connexion settings
      • IP address of the scenary server (terrasync)
      • IP address of the weather / METAR server
      • IP address of the aircrafts catalog server
      • IP address of the multiplayer server(s) (with username / login)
    • Screen settings
      • Multi-screen
      • Option: Fullscreen
      • PHI (instructor screen)
        • Port number (ex: --httpd=8080)
        • Button to open the web broser "localhost:8080"
    • Graphics
      • GPU Driver options (antialiasing, shaders,...)
      • Rendering method : ALS, Rembrandt...
      • Stereography...
    • Audio
      • Sound device
      • Volume
      • Microphone
    • Scenary
      • Mesh quality, Level of Details
      • Textures quality
      • AutoGen settings (buildings, cars, objects, trees,...)
      • Procedural cities settings
      • Bombable (animations, scenary damages...)
      • Wildfire
    • Debug
      • Enable debug mode (debug menu, console, fps and stats display)
      • Path to the debug logs directory
  • Help
    • HTML Documentation
  • Credits
    • link to FG wiki
    • link to FG website
    • Build / version number
    • Copyright