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FSweekend 2012

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This wiki page lists all information related to FlightGear's FSweekend attendance, as well as information for those that'd like to pay a virtual visit. FlightGear will be represented by a team of regular FlightGear developers and users.

Booth information

Equipment Checklist

  • CH Yoke (GdR)
  • CH Rudder Pedals (GdR)
  • Pairs of anaglyph 3D-glasses:
    • Two (TD)
    • Two (JvdV)
    • One (GdR)
    • One (DT)
  • Business cards

15 years anniversary

This year it's 15 (!) years ago that the first version of FlightGear was released (July 17, 1997). Might be nice to do something special. Just some ideas:

  • Cake/tompouce/candy with logo, to attract visitors :)
  • Balloons with logo to cheer up our booth

Flight information


Activities will mainly take place at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), Lelystad Airport (EHLE), Volkel Air Base (EHVK) and the VU University Medical Center Helipad (EH0001).


All charts that you may have to use on your flights are available at http://ais-netherlands.nl (AIS Publications > Integrated Package). Please note that these are the most up to date charts available, so certain situations might not have been changed in FlightGear (EHAM, EHLE and EHVK taxiways should be correct though).

Parking positions have been created for most of the Dutch airports including EHAM, EHRD, EHVK and EHLE (A1-A6, B1 and B2).

All named airports are for civil usage, except for Volkel Air Base (EHVK). This base will be occupied by the (AI) F-16 squadrons and likely one setup in Lelystad. Feel free to join with your F-16 or other Dutch/NATO military aircraft. For EHVK specific departure and recovery procedures please visit http://cenor.org/pages/proc_eh.html and dowload the corresponding .pdf file.

Weather information

Reallife weather information can be found at the KNMI (Dutch Meteorological institute) website.

  • METAR current weather at airports
  • TAF expected weather at airports

If the weather is really bad, it is likely that the FSweekend guys will use a preset weather scenario.


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