Caudron C.684

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Caudron C.684
Author(s) Guillaume Chauvat, Laurent Hayvel (texture)
--aircraft= /C684









Status CVS (V-0.1.0)
Download Download the Caudron C.684 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).

The Caudron C.684 was a single piston engine sport plane of the 1930s. The Caudron C.684 is in development for FlightGear OSG.

Aircraft help

G Switch propeller to low pitch (the plane must be on ground and the engine stopped) g Switch propeller to high pitch

User's Manual

The propeller is an old variable pitch propeller. It has only two configurations: low and high pitch. Use low pitch for takeoff and high pitch for cruise. You can't go back to low pitch before landing.


Magnetos: both Starter: 5 seconds max


  1. Flaps: 25°
  2. Full power
  3. Lift tail wheel at 100 km/h
  4. Takeoff at 120 km/h
  5. Climb: 160 km/h
  6. Flaps: 0°


  1. Propeller Pitch: High (g)
  2. 2300 rpm, 250 km/h


  1. Flaps: 65°
  2. Speed: 130 km/h, 140 km/h if wind speed is higher than 10 kt

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