Boeing 777-200 Tutorial/KSFO-KLAX

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Welcome to the Vaerospace Advanced Flightgear tutorial pages

Your first city to city flight

We begin with flight planning ...the first thing we have to plan

is which standard departure route we need to fly and which standard high altitude route ...we are going to follow..erm thats in real life...for now we need to get up and level at 300 -320 knts around 15-20 000 ft and follow the VOR (and VORTAC) beacons as specified in this tutorial .

Salinas nav1 117.3

Pick a runway at KSFO (San Francisco intnl.) ...such as 28 R .get off the ground and turn on heading of 150 degrees set nav1 to Salinas(117.3) DME about 65 naughts away and steer the 777 toward the needle ( if the needle deviates from the 12'o clockposition you steer toward or into the needle ,it will begin to move back toward 12'0 clock ...doing this frequently is called bird dogging and should be avoided


Paso Robales 114.3

Oki-doki...set nav 2 (be sure to switch both nav toggle switches on on the panel and set nav 2 to 114.3 ...when you are approx 20 -30 dme away from salinas steer onto the nav 2 needle to 12'o clock ie pointing straight ahead and set nav 1 to our next beacon ...make sure you remember which needle is for nav1 and which is for nav 2 ...nav two is the "skinny one" :)

San Marcus 114.9

Using the same strategy to avoid to much bird dogging ((chasing the needle)

turn onto the nav1 needle 20 DME from paso robales and maintain your chosen flight level not exceed 25 000 ft (you're a beginner /Flight Level 25 ) ...once onroute to sanmarcus immediatly switch nav 2 to oxnard and use the same procedure

Oxnard 108.7 Coming Down

30 Dme from oxnard bring the aircraft down gently (no more than 150 ft per min)

to 8000 ft and level out at 285 not use speedbrakes

 Now do a visual check you come into the bay area over the water

Klax is close stay 4-5 DME out to sea ..and descend to 2500 ft

Your first all instrument approach runway 24 Left ILS loc set nav 1 to 111.7 set nav 2 to KLAX VOR 113.6

set nav one to the localiser for runway 24 L (that the leftmost runway visable from out at sea maintaining your heading untill the needle is at 10 o' clock

(ie pointing left ) now turn the aircraft into the needle so it point forward or upright again... you should be on a heading of approx. 240 degrees ...

... at the bottom of the left flightscreen (primus 1000 efis) there are white

markers and another white indicator will appear , if this indicator is in the centre of the marks , there are two sets for heading into runway and the other(verical white ticks on the right of the left screen) for pitch or "glideslope" these scales and thier markers should always be "Dead Center" if they are you are bang on line for your runway... only good planning will make this so ....

head for 24 L and land as usual 
to be upgraded and Expanded
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