Beijing Capital International Airport

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Beijing Capital International Airport
116 feet / 35m
116 feet / 35m
Type Public + Cargo
Owner BCIA
City Beijing, China
Runway Length Material
18R/36L 3445 m Asphalt
18L/36R 3810 m Asphalt
01/19 3810 m Concrete

Beijing Capital Airport is the primary airport that serves Beijing, China. It is located 32 km northeast of Beijing's city centre. It is at the border of Chaoyang and Shunyi district. Beijing Capital has rapidly ascended in rankings of the world's busiest airports in the past decade, in both passenger and cargo.


There are three terminals in Beijing Capital. Terminal one and two is included in TerraSync scenery while Terminal 3 is only placed and used by the FGPRC. All of the gates at the terminals are fitted with jetways and have a radius of at least 15.

FlightGear scenery

TerraSync scenery

The version available through TerraSync does not include taxiways and jetways. There are only 2 runways with their default taxiways. Only some models have been placed.

Custom airport scenery

Author: d-laser, Catalonic

This version included taxiways, ramps, more realistic gate formats, and complete jetway support. This version also supports AI traffic. Note terminal 3 is not available.

Where to get: Github link