AI wake turbulence

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AI wake turbulence does as it says, when you fly into the wake of an AI aircraft you can experience (sometimes very heavy) turbulence.

Introduced in FG 2017.3.1

How to enable

Go into menu AI, then Traffic and scenario settings. Then enable AI wake.

This only work with flying behind AI Traffic aircraft, not tankers or other scenario planes. Nor MP planes.

Notice the aircraft must support this, see below.

How to add to an aircraft

The aircraft must be JSBSim.

Add these lines somewhere in JSB under external reactions:

    <!-- wake turbulence from other AI plane (direction is controlled by properties automatically) -->
    <force name="ai-wake" frame="BODY">
        <location unit="M">
            <!-- Center of the main wing leading edge -->
            <x> ? </x>
            <y> ? </y>
            <z> ? </z>
            <x>   0.0 </x>
            <y>   0.0 </y>
            <z>   0.0 </z>
    <moment name="ai-wake" frame="BODY">
            <x>   0.0 </x>
            <y>   0.0 </y>
            <z>   0.0 </z>

The only thing you need to adjust is "Center of the main wing leading edge", that should of course match the aircraft. (replace the '?' marks)