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Release plan

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== General release concept ==
<!-- A new version of FlightGear is released every three months, meaning four releases per year. On the 17th of the month, new release branches are created and the [[build server]] creates new release branch and the binaries, and uploading them to SourceForge. -->{{FGCquote|1= Hi Everybody, Today, December 17th would be the day to announce the feature freeze for3.8 if we were following the usual release schedule. A while ago I proposed a change in that schedule and I have spent some timeon preparing the scripts for an automated release process since then. Ithink I have pretty much everything ready to go for automated releases andnow I'd like to give it a first try for the 3.8 release next year. For the first execution, I'd like to trigger the scripts manually on mylocal machine instead of Jenkins to have some better control of it. If itworks out as expected, I'll put this onto our Jenkins server afterwards any changes are made tobe executed automatically for the release following after 3.8. For nowbranch, I propose the following and would do so if nobody objects:* There is no feature freeze for the next (3.8) and the following releases* On Jan., 17th I trigger my first script to create release/3.8 branches with version 3.8.1 (!)* Immediately after that I let Jenkins create the binaries for 3.8.1 and we have our first release* Patches going into the release/3.8 branch automatically trigger a new build with a previous increase of the micro version number (3.8.2, 3.8.3,..) and we immediately have a bugfix release* On 'next', version numbers go to 3.9.0* Nightly builds are is created from next after every push in that branch After a to-be-defined period (my proposal: 3 month) we start over:* Create a release/3.9 branch with The version 3.9.1* etc. etc. Note: there will be no odd-even version number scheme (odd equals unstable,even equals stable). Instead, x.x.0 is unstable, nightly from of the <code>next andx.x.n where n </code>= 1 branch is a stable releaseincrementedIf everything works And development coninutes as expectednormal, we have a major release everyto-with new nightly builds be-defined months, a bugfix release created after every push to each change. The table below shows the releasebranch and a nightly build after every push to 'next'cycleI hope this sounds reasonable and keeps everybody happy. Feedback welcome. Torsten|2= {{cite web | url = See also [http://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/34701971/ | title = <nowiki>[Flightgear-develthis mailing list post] Relesae 3.8</nowiki> | author = <nowiki>Torsten Dreyer</nowiki> | date = Dec 17th, 2015 }}}}
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== General release concept (old release plan) ==
New FlightGear releases are scheduled twice a year. The magic number to remember is 17. On the 17th of January (the first month) and July (the seventh month), a new release branch is created for [[SimGear]], the FlightGear source, and [[fgdata]].
|As a clarification: We do not enter a code freeze but a feature freeze. Code changes are welcome after December 17th as long as it is guaranteed (not just "unlikely") that they do not introduce any side effects and become a release blocker. It is the sole responsibility of the committer to decide if that is the case or not. Every new feature that didn't make it into the repository by the deadline may probably easily wait for another four weeks to get committed. Remember: most aircraft are not affected by the feature freeze and aircraft developers quickly adopt and use new features as they become available
| {{cite web
| url = http://www.mail-archive.com/flightgear-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg38749.html
| title = <nowiki>[Flightgear-devel] Next FlightGear release (Feb. 17 2013)</nowiki>
| author = Torsten Dreyer
| date = 16th Nov 2012
After branching, there is one month for bug fixing in the release branch, so building and packing of the binaries and fgdata takes place around the 18th of February and the 18th of August. Allowing a few days for distribution of the files, new versions should be publicly available around the 20th of February and August.
The development stream of [[SimGear]], FlightGear, and fgdata is set into a frozen state one month before the branch-day (17th), to let the dust of development settle and to allow fixing the most annoying bugs in the code. During this period, developers should not add any new features, subsystems, and the like. Immediately after the stream has branched for the release, development in the main stream (next/master) is open for major changes until one month before the next branch-day. This results in a duty cycle of 5 month developing and 1 month thinking.
== Version numbers ==
The process is repeated after a set number of months (to-be-decided).
# '''Dec/Jun 17th:''' Development stream is declared "frozen" or "yellow"
##Send a mail to the flightgear-devel mailing-list to announce the state, add a call for screenshots
##Create a "release preperations" topic at the forum and make it a "Global Announcement", add a call for screenshots
##Ask for translator for a review of the translations of the menu, help and startup entries in case there have been some mods on those files
##Change the content of wiki template at [[Template:GitStatus]] to <code><nowiki>{{GitStatus:frozen}}</nowiki></code>
##Bump up the version-number of simgear/next, flightgear/next, fgrun/next and fgdata/master to an even number (2.9.0 -> 3.0.0)
##Compile and test drive FlightGear with the new version-number
##Commit the new version number to next (flightgear+simgear+fgrun) and master(fgdata)
##Tag (annotated) flightgear, simgear, fgrun and fgdata with <tt>version/3.0.0</tt>
##:<code>git tag -a version/3.0.0</code> (Enter a wise comment)
##Push the branches next/master '''and''' the tags upstream
##:for flightgear, fgrun and simgear: <code>git push origin next</code>
##:for fgdata: <code>git push origin master</code>
##:for the tags (all repos): <code>git push origin version/3.0.0</code>
# '''Jan/Jul 17th:''' Create new release branch, assign new version number to dev-stream, re-open streams
-- We don't really need this step... --
##Declare the streams "closed" or "red"
##:Send a mail to the flightgear-devel mail-list, asking not to commit/push anything
##:Post an update to the forum topic
##:Change the content of wiki template at [[Template:GitStatus]] to <code><nowiki>{{GitStatus:closed}}</nowiki></code>
##Pull current Git, create the release branches (for sg/fg/fgrun/fgdata):
##:<code>git pull</code>
##:<code>git branch release/3.0.0</code>
##On the next/master branches, bump up the version-number of simgear, flightgear, fgrun and fgdata to an odd number (3.0.0 -> 3.1.0)
##Compile and test drive FlightGear with the new development version number
##Commit the changes of version-number to next/master
##Tag (annotated) flightgear, simgear, fgrun and fgdata with "version/2.9.0"
##:<code>git tag -a version/2.9.0</code> (Enter a wise comment)
##Push the branches next/master '''and''' release/3.0.0 '''and''' the tags upstream
##:for flightgear, simgear, fgrun and fgdata: <code>git push origin release/3.0.0</code>
##:for flightgear, fgrun and simgear: <code>git push origin next</code>
##:for fgdata: <code>git push origin master</code>
##:for the tags (all repos): <code>git push origin version/3.1.0</code>
##Declare dev-streams "open" or "green"
##: Ask a [http://wiki.flightgear.org/index.php?title=Special:ListUsers&group=sysop wiki admin] to change the content of wiki template at [[Template:GitStatus]] to <code><nowiki>{{GitStatus:open}}</nowiki></code>
##:Send a mail to the flightgear-devel mailing-list to announce the state.
## Trigger James or Clément for the Jenkins-builds and Curt for a snapshot release and ThorstenB for the OpenSuse build
##:in fgmeta:
##:<code>git checkout release/3.0.0</code>
##:<code>git submodule foreach git checkout release/3.0.0</code>
##:<code>git submodule foreach git pull -r</code>
##:<code>git add .</code>
##:<code>git commit -m "Bump revision"</code>
##:<code>git push origin release/3.0.0</code>
# '''Feb/Aug 1st:''' Start preparing the release notes and a press announcement
# '''Feb/Aug 17th:''' Create binaries/installers, pack fgdata, publish files, announce new version, close the release-branch.
## Generate latest '''getstart.pdf''', push the PDF to fgdata/master - and cherry-pick to the '''release branch'''. Generate latest '''getstart''' HTML, push PDF and HTML to the MapServer site.
##Tag the release/3.0.0 branches of simgear, flightgear, fgrun and fgdata and push the tags.
##:for flighgear, simgear, fgrun and fgdata: <code>git tag version/3.0.0-final</code>
##:for flighgear, simgear, fgrun and fgdata: <code>git push origin version/3.0.0-final</code>
##Merge the branch release/3.0.0 into '''master''' (<u>'''NOT'''</u> next) for flightgear and simgear and push the branch
##:We don't have a next branch for fgdata, no merging of the release branch here.
##:for flighgear, fgrun and simgear:
##:<code>git checkout -b master origin/master</code> or <code>git checkout master</code> if you already have the local branch
##:<code>git merge version/3.0.0-final</code>
##:<code>git push origin master</code>
##[[:Category:FlightGear Core developers|Core developers]] and other contributors should be invited to add their release related experiences (i.e. suggestions for improvements) to the wiki to help update and improve the release plan (i.e. this page) accordingly.
== Version files ==
; FGData: {{fgdata file|version}}
; FlightGear: {{flightgear file|version}}
; FGRun: [http://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/fgrun/ci/next/tree/version fgrun/version]
<!-- == Definition of repository states =={| class="wikitable"!! State! Description|-! [[File:Traffic light green.png|20px]]! Open/Green| Normal development of the code base and fgdata. Unrestricted (well, sort of) access to the streams. This state lasts for five months after the release branches were created.|-! [[File:Traffic light yellow.png|20px]]! Frozen/Yellow| No new features or major changes shall be pushed onto the development streams (neither source nor data). This period is for preparing the code for the release and make sure there are no major issues. It lasts for four weeks until creation of the release branches. It's a good idea for aircraft developers to adhere to this rule. However, aircraft in fgdata may be handled as an exception from the frozen state. Any change to aircraft may be pushed to the repository if it is guaranteed that this change does not affect any other aircraft or system and if no file outside the root directory of that specific aircraft is changed. Also, aircraft defined as part of the base package (e.g. the c172p) enter the frozen state and shall not undergo major changes in that period.|-! [[File:Traffic light red.png|20px]]! Closed/Red| Nothing shall be pushed to the development streams (simgear, flightgear, fgrun and fgdata). This state is for creating the release branches. It lasts for just a few hours on Jan 17th and Jul 17th around 12:00 UTC.|} 
== Bug fix committing policy ==
Fixes for bugs during the shakedown test of the release branch may be applied to the branches next or release/2.8.0.
'''DO NOT''' merge next into release/2.8.0 or vice versa. Most likely, there will be commits that are not welcome in or even break the other branch.

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