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Piper PA-24 Comanche

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The '''Piper PA-24 Comanche''' is a four-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light [[aircraft]] of monocoque construction with retractable landing gear that was first flown in May 1956 according to a Piper Aircraft Company press release. Together with the Twin Comanche, it made up the core of the Piper Aircraft line-up until 1972, when the production lines for both aircraft were wiped out in a flood.
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== Updated version ==
An updated version of this aircraft by flyingfisch is available here: {{github source|user=flyingfisch|repo=pa24-250}}
== Aircraft help ==
{| class="prettytablekeytable"|f! Key|fuel tank select! Function
|~{{key press|f}}|toggle nav lightsFuel tank select
|!{{key press|~}}|toggle master battery switchToggle nav lights
|#{{key press|!}}|switch on Toggle master alternator battery switch (not shown in cockpit)
|@{{key press|#}}|toggle fuel pumpSwitch on master alternator switch (not shown in cockpit)
|${{key press|@}}|toggle landing lightsToggle fuel pump
|%{{key press|$}}|toggle rotating beaconToggle landing lights
|^{{key press|%}}|toggle anti-collision lightsToggle rotating beacon
|*{{key press|^}}|toggle pitot heatToggle anti-collision lights
|({{key press|*}}|turn on and/or decrease panel lightsToggle pitot heat
|9{{key press|(}}|increase Turn on and/or turn off decrease panel lights
|h{{key press|9}}|toggle carburator heatIncrease and/or turn off panel lights
|ctrl-P{{key press|h}}|toggle primer pumpToggle carburator heat
|B{{key press|Ctrl|P}}|toggle parking brakeToggle primer pump
|{{key press|B}}|Toggle parking brake|-|{{key press|s}}|Starter|-|{{key press|Ctrl|C}}|starterDisplay mouse "hot-spots"
* All switches and controls (except yoke and pedals) can be operated via "hot-spots".
* Type Ctrl-C to display mouse "hot-spots".
=== Startup ===
# fuel Fuel on most full main ("{{key press|f" }} toggles selector on left side).# all All toggles OFF.# battery Battery master switch to ON ("{{key press|!" }} toggles battery master switch).# alternator Alternator master switch to ON ("{{key press|#" switchws }} switches it on).# electric Electric fuel pump ON ("{{key press|@" }} toggles fuel pump switch).# operate Operate primer pump three times then locked (ctrl-{{key press|Ctrl|P }} cycles primer).# "CLEAR PROP".# key Key to start ("{{key press|s" }} engages starter).# pitot Pitot heat ON if IFR ("{{key press|*" }} toggles pitot heat switch).# beacon ("Beacon {{key press|%")}}, nav lights ("{{key press|~")}}, strobe lights ("{{key press|^") }} ON as required.# landing Landing light if night ("{{key press|$" }} toggles landing light switch).# release Release parking brake ("{{key press|B" }} releases brake).
=== Takeoff ===

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