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The Festival of FlightGear, November 2014

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Added obsolete box as this page is kept only for historical purposes; fixed links to Level-D/ground network/OpenRadar files
{{note|1=Edits to the article should reflect consensus on the [http://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=22345&start=120 dedicated forum thread].}}
Voice communication (held exclusively via [[Mumble]], server: <tt>mumble.allfex.org</tt>) is preferred; text chat will be offered as a backup service.
Level-D files for the [[Route Manager]], [[Interactive traffic|ground networks]]/parking positions and [[OpenRadar]] maps are currently being worked on; you can available.* The OpenRadar map was included in the {{gitorious sourceforge source|proj =festivalopenradar-of-flightgear-route-groundnetworkroutes|repo =festival-of-flightgear-route-groundnetworkcode| path = LEBL/LEBL.xml|text =download them from their Gitorious repository ({{error|the archived OpenRadar route repository does not exist}})}} .* The [https://www.alessandromenti.it/downloads/flightgear/LEBL.procedures.xml Level-D file] and the [https://www.alessandromenti.it/downloads/flightgear/LEBL.groundnet.xml ground network] (contributions are welcome - just send a merge requestupdated as of November 2014)can be downloaded from elgaton's website.
We kindly ask pilots flying there to follow these guidelines to make this experience enjoyable for everyone.
# can handle stressful situations and be always polite and patient;
# can man your position for at least two (uninterrupted) hours;
then [https://gitorious.org/festival-of-flightgear-route-groundnetwork/festival-of-flightgear-route-groundnetwork download the OpenRadar files from this Gitorious repository], create a new session on [http://flightgear-atc.alwaysdata.net/ Lenny's website] and update this wiki page if possible.
{{note|1=Make sure to check [http://flightgear-atc.alwaysdata.net/ Lenny's website] for any last minute schedule changes.}}

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